Get custom email and more with Google Workspace

Google Workspace gives your business a new way to work online. 

With Google Workspace, you can get a professional email address using your company’s domain name, such as susan@yourcompany. Your business will also have access to Google’s digital tools like online storage, shared calendars, and video conferencing that make collaborating between your team easy and transparent.

Sign up for Google Workspace.

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What you can do with Google Workspace

  • Get custom email for your business: In addition to using Business Profile features such as Posts and Photos to build your brand, you can set up a personalized email for everyone on your team.
  • Securely back up work emails and files: Easily secure access to your team’s professional accounts, and ensure their work email and files are backed up.
  • Collaborate in real-time from any device: Your team can work on documents together, hold video meetings, and easily build internal project sites from anywhere on any device.
  • Easily access all your tools from one place: All your tools for work are together in one package and easily accessible to your team.
  • Work from any device, even without internet: Access your email anytime, anywhere, from your laptop, mobile phone, or shared computer. No internet connection is needed. Read and draft messages without connectivity, and they’ll be ready to send when you’re back online.
  • Get 99.9% guaranteed uptime on your business email: Industry-leading spam filters keep junk out of your inbox.

Visit Google Workspace Pricing to learn about payment plans.

How Google Workspace works with your domain and email

When you sign up for a Google Workspace account, you can purchase a new domain or use one you already have.

With a domain name, you and your team can use a variety of Google Workspace services, including:

  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Drive storage
  • Google Docs editors, including docs, spreadsheets, and slides
  • App Maker, Keep, Sites, or Jamboard

Verify your domain

To use Google Workspace with a domain, you must show that you own the domain. During signup, we’ll lead you through that process. Learn more about how to verify your domain.

Set up custom email

With Google Workspace, you can get a custom email with your company’s chosen domain name, like susan@yourcompany. A professional email helps build customer trust, and also lets you create group mailing lists, such as sales@yourcompany.

After you sign up for Google Workspace and verify your chosen domain, guided instructions will be provided to set up your custom email. This involves switching your domain’s MX records. Find step-by-step instructions for your domain host.

Tips to get started

Keep in mind the checklist below when using Google Workspace. Get started with all these topics at the small business quick start guide.

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Manage your team
  • Change usernames and passwords.
  • Add and delete users or administrators.
  • Turn services off for some teams.
  • Upgrade your storage.

Learn more about how to manage your team.

Manage your meetings and email
  • Import old email.
  • Create a group email.
  • Give users an extra email address (at no extra cost).
  • Use Google Meet for video meetings.
  • Delegate access to your calendar.
  • Make your email secure.

Learn how to manage your meetings and email.

Share your files and folders
  • Share large files with others and choose editing permissions.
  • Back up and store files in the cloud.
  • Create a project website for your team.
  • Work together on documents simultaneously.

Learn how to share your files and folders.

Work with Docs
  • Work with Microsoft documents.
  • Create and share company templates.
  • Use Docs on your mobile device.
  • Work without an internet connection.

Learn how to work with Docs.

Mobile management
  • Set up basic or advanced mobile management for your team.
  • Separate business and personal data for Android devices.
  • Add apps to your team's allowlist.
  • Manage and wipe devices.

Learn more about mobile management.

Admin tips
  • Identify the account you’re using.
  • Follow security best practices.
  • Create reports and alerts.
  • Manage billing.
  • Add a domain at no extra cost.
  • Grow your business with Google.

Learn more Admin tips.

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