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Manage your hotel's details

Known issue: Updating hotel attributes in the Google My Business API and spreadsheet upload is not working. Learn more.

 This is step 3 of Google My Business setup for hotels.

Keep your hotel’s details current to ensure that customers view up-to-date information about your hotel.

Hotel amenities

Google provides a summary of your hotel’s amenities that customers can view from Search and Maps. You can edit this information in your dashboard if you find any of it to be factually incorrect. If you’re unable to change this information due to an error or some other issue, contact us and we’ll be able to assist you.

Edit your attributes

Owners with verified hotel listings can edit their services and amenities in the “Hotel attributes” section of their Google My Business account.

Note: This is only available on a computer.

To edit your attributes:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business.
    • If you have multiple locations, open the location you'd like to manage.
  2. Click Info.
  3. Next to “Hotel attributes,” click Edit Edit. This will open a separate tool to edit the info.
  4. Search for the attribute you want to add and fill in the information. Then, click Save.
If your business is affected by COVID-19, learn about specific recommendations for hotels.

Add a COVID-19 responder policy

Let customers know you offer free or discounted accommodation for COVID-19 responders by selecting the attribute in your business profile.

Hotel highlights

Hotel highlights give potential customers a quick glance at some of your hotel’s amenities. Hotel highlights take the form of bright and colorful icons that appear next to your amenities in the Placesheet. Highlights can include information such as “Pet Friendly,” “Free Wi-Fi,” and “Free Parking.”

Note: Hotel highlights are not guaranteed for every hotel. If any highlights are incorrect, please reach out to support.

Class rating

Hotels that have been evaluated by Google will have a class rating. If you believe your hotel has an incorrect class rating or your hotel doesn’t have a rating on Google, follow steps in our help center to contact the support team for assistance.

Learn more about hotel class ratings by Google.

Business hours

Hotels do not have the ability to edit their business hours because hotels are open 24 hours to their guests. If you have questions about business hours, check out our help center or contact support.

Booking links

Booking links that appear on your hotel’s listing are generated by Google Hotel Ads. If you have questions about this feature, contact the Google Hotel Ads team.

Businesses inside your hotel

You can have listings for all businesses located inside your hotel if they can be accessed independently from the main hotel. For example, if there are restaurants, lounges, stores, or spas that customers can visit without having to be a guest of the hotel, those businesses are eligible to have their own listing.

Set "located in" relations to your hotel

Contact support if you’d like to set up a relation that informs customers if a business (e.g. a spa or independent store) is located within your hotel.

Note: Google cannot guarantee that this information will show up when a business is searched.


To edit all amenities right from your dashboard, your hotel listing must be claimed and verified.

If you can’t edit your amenities or your amenities don't appear correctly, contact support.

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