Migrate a location from a personal account to an organization account

If you own locations in a personal account (not associated with an organization), you can migrate those locations to an organization account so that you can manage them as part of your organization.

If you don't have owner access to a location, you'll need to request access from the location owner in order to manage the location from your organization account.

Migrate a single location

To migrate a location you own in your personal account to your organization account:

  1. In your organization account, request access to the location you own in your personal account. You'll need to specify a location group for the location to be added to.
  2. In your personal account, accept the invitation. This will allow your organization to manage the location in the specified location group.

Migrate multiple locations

To migrate multiple locations you own in your personal account to your organization account:

  1. In your personal account, transfer the locations to a single location group.
  2. In your personal account, add your organization as an owner of the location group. You'll need to specify the right organization by entering its 10-digit organization ID.
  3. In your organization account, accept the invitation. This will allow your organization to manage all locations in the location group.

Once a location is migrated, you may want to remove the location from your personal account. (If you'd like your personal account to be added to an organization, you must first remove or transfer all locations directly owned by your personal account.)

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