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With a Business Profile on Google, you can manage how your local business shows up across Google products, like Maps and Search. If you run a business that serves customers at a particular location, or you serve customers within a designated service area, your Business Profile can help people find you. Verified businesses on Google are twice as likely to be considered reputable.

With a Business Profile, you can:

  • Maintain accurate information about your business online
    • Tell Google your hours, website, phone number, and location (a street address, service area, or place marker, depending on your business).
    • Use Google Maps and Search to stay up-to-date with your online presence wherever you are.
  • Interact with customers
    • Post photos of your business and its products and services.
    • Collect and respond to reviews from customers.
  • Attract new customers
    • Improve how your business appears online so new customers can find you.
    • Point customers to your website.

When you’re ready, consider using location-based ads with Smart campaigns in Google Ads to reach an even larger audience.

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Determine if a Business Profile is for you

Use Business Profile for in-person businesses

Your business might be a great fit for Business Profile on Google.

Business Profiles are built for businesses that make in-person contact with customers during specific hours. It’s not for exclusively online businesses, or homes for rent or sale. Learn more about eligibility for a Business Profile.

For larger businesses, Business Profiles also offer a tool to manage lots of locations. Learn more about bulk location management.

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Use Smart Campaigns for online-only businesses

Business Profiles are only available for businesses that make in-person contact with customers. Learn more about eligibility for a Business Profile.

You can still grow your business with Google by getting started with Smart campaigns, Google’s easy-to-use online advertising platform.

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Learn about online marketing

You can manage the way your business appears online in several ways:

  • Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to how results appear when someone uses a search engine like Google. These are called organic search results. You can’t pay to change how and where organic search results show up. Your results are determined by a number of factors, like how relevant they are to the original search. Learn how to improve your SEO.
  • Search engine marketing, or SEM, refers to ads you buy to show up near search results. Google’s online advertising program, Google Ads, helps users buy ads. Advertise your business with Smart campaigns in Google Ads.
  • Your Business Profile on Google helps you maintain local results, which show up in a number of ways in Maps and Search. Learn how Google sources and uses business information in search results. These results are tailored to particular geographic areas and help users find nearby businesses. Learn how Google ranks local results.

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Get help from Small Business Advisors

Want to receive one-on-one guidance and tailored recommendations on how to make the most out of your Business Profile? Try booking an appointment with Small Business Advisors.

Important: This service cannot troubleshoot issues, including Business Profile verification or suspension, or Google Ads billing.

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