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March 2018
In honor of International Women’s Day, to celebrate women leaders, founders and owners, we’ve introduced a women-led attribute that you can add to your Google My Business listing.
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January 2018
New action buttons are now available for your free Google My Business website. Choose from buttons like 'Get Directions', 'Call Now' and 'Message Us'.
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Add videos of your business to your listing. Upload videos up to 30 seconds long.
November 2017
Wait time estimates now show on restaurant listings.
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New selection attributes let you choose from predefined business descriptions like 'No Kosher food', 'Some Kosher food' or 'Strictly Kosher food'.
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October 2017
Create and update posts via the new Google My Business API. Version 4.0 of the API adds support for posts, hotel amenities and more.
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August 2017
Add links to specific actions like online orders or reservations. Make it easier for customers to take action directly from your listing.
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July 2017
Download photos data for multiple locations with a bulk insights report.
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June 2017
Post timely updates on new products, special offers and upcoming events. Stay engaged with your customers by sharing news directly from your listing.
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Create a free mobile-optimised website for your business.
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April 2017
Add full menus to your locations via the new Google My Business API. Version 3.3 of the API adds support for updating menu details like photos, descriptions and prices.
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Download bulk insights for your listings. View a spreadsheet report of insights for multiple verified listings.
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Enter URL attributes for your business to add links to more kinds of information, such as a restaurant's menu.
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March 2017
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Enter accessibility attributes for your business using our new guidelines.
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January 2017

Get location insights via the new Google My Business API. Version 3.2 of the API adds support for insights on the locations in your account.
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December 2016

Insights are now available for photos. See how your photos perform compared with photos of businesses like yours.
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Edit attributes for your business. Attributes include offerings such as "Has Wi-Fi" and "Offers outdoor seating", which tell customers more about your business.

The next time that you sign in to your account, you may have a lot of attributes to review. To easily review and edit large numbers of attributes for the first time:

  1. In your dashboard, accept all Google updates related to attributes.
  2. Download your locations.
  3. Edit attributes in your spreadsheet as necessary.
  4. Upload your updated spreadsheet to your account.

You can also review attributes from your dashboard. Once you've completed your initial review of your listings' attributes, you'll have far fewer attributes to review and edit from your dashboard during routine account maintenance.
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Add your menu to a listing via the API, according to new menu guidelines for Google My Business.
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November 2016

Manage your notifications with new settings for email and mobile. Get updates on customer reviews, listing health and more.
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Popular times now includes live visit data for eligible businesses, showing customers how busy a location is at that moment.
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See a list of upcoming public holidays on your dashboard. Make sure you’ve set special hours for public holidays: customers who search for your business will see if you've set hours for public holidays and will be shown a warning if you haven't.
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Update business info for your locations using the improved Google My Business editor.
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September 2016
Edit more with the new version of the Google My Business API. Key new features include the ability to add URL attributes (such as a restaurant menu) and subscribe to push notification for new customer reviews.
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Filter Google updates by individual fields, such as Address or Hours, and see detailed info about Google updates in your downloaded spreadsheet.
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Add multiple owners to individual locations or business accounts.
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August 2016
Use the new map view to see all of your locations plotted on the map.
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Accept or discard Google updates for individual fields in bulk.
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Make sure that you've updated your Hours column format now that the old format is no longer supported.
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The Introduction/Description field is no longer editable in Google My Business. It is only displayed to users in Google+ and can still be edited there. Editing of attributes, coming soon to all Google My Business views, will be an improved way to describe your business to users on Google Search and Maps. 
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July 2016
Review a summary of your spreadsheet's changes in the simplified import preview screen.
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Verify your listing by email. Email verification is only available for select businesses.
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Edit your business info directly in Search as the owner or manager of a listing. Change info such as opening times and your phone number without leaving the Google search results page.
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June 2016
Edit your business information using the new Google My Business navigation experience.
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May 2016
The updated Terms of Service now account for multiple users as owners for the same listing.
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Improve data for your worldwide locations by following the new address guidelines and sample spreadsheet.
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The new version of the Google My Business API adds new functionality for people who manage locations at scale. Key new features include the ability to read and respond to customer reviews and provide additional attributes for locations (such as whether a restaurant accepts reservations, serves brunch or has outdoor seating).
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Mark listings as permanently closed and reopen them from your card view.
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April 2016
Set special hours from your card view.
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Mark listings as permanently closed and reopen them on the Google My Business mobile app.
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Set special hours for your listings on the Google My Business mobile app.
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Enable listings for download with a new, easy-to-use process.
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Enter latitude and longitude via spreadsheet when creating locations so that you don't have to drag a map marker.
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March 2016
Find out how to improve your local search ranking with new guidance from Google.
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Apply changes to multiple locations on your dashboard without needing to review Google updates.
Add logo, profile and cover photos via spreadsheet and use new photo features for chains.
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Match your locations to existing Maps data with a new, easy-to-use tool for accounts that haven't been bulk verified.
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February 2016
Import your spreadsheet without needing to review Google updates.
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January 2016
Get more from mobile with a new version of the Google My Business app for Android and iOS. The app now offers more information about the status of your locations, support for iOS 9 features and integration with Google Photos.
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December 2015
The new version of the Google My Business API gives developers more options to manage their locations at scale.
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Upload only the columns you want to change. If you’re only updating particular fields for existing locations on your spreadsheet, you can now include only the columns for shop code and the fields you want to change, and not include other columns in the spreadsheet.

If you include empty columns (columns with headings but no information beneath them) in your spreadsheet, then existing information for those columns will be erased. 
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Close and reopen locations one at a time or in bulk for businesses with 10 or more locations.
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November 2015

Set opening hours more easily with new support for special days and one hours column for each day of the week. Entering your opening hours is now more straightforward and aligned with the kinds of considerations that you may face day to day in your organisation.

Special hours

For days when your business has an irregular schedule, like holidays or special events, you can enter special hours in advance. If you schedule special hours, your regular hours remain in place for all other days. Find out more.

Special hours can currently only be set from list view.

Spreadsheet format changes

In addition to the new special hours column, bulk upload spreadsheets now include one column for each day of the week’s regular hours and have new rules for formatting hours. To see the new hours format:

To gain better control over your locations’ hours and avoid eventual formatting errors in Google My Business Locations, you should make a transition to the new spreadsheet format as soon as it’s convenient for you. In the future, the old format will stop being supported.
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October 2015
Learn Google My Business basics with video. Five new YouTube videos introduce the fundamentals of getting started and succeeding with your business listing online.
September 2015
It’s now easier to navigate between Google My Business Locations and Google My Business. Users can also manage locations and Google+ pages from one place.
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Edit location information on mobile with an updated version of the Google My Business mobile app.
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Discover the reach of your page's content with improvements to Insights.
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July 2015
Learn the days and times that places are most popular in search results.
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June 2015
The "Additional phones" column combines the old "Alternative Phone" and "Mobile" spreadsheet columns.
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See amenities when you search for hotels on Google, and ensure that your hotel is accurately represented to potential customers.
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May 2015
Explore the new-look Locations tool, which has had a makeover.
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February 2015
Enter categories in two new spreadsheet columns: "Primary category" and "Additional category", which replace the "Categories" column.
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October 2014
Upgraded accounts provide better tools to manage business information for verified accounts. These tools offer an improved process for updating and maintaining your locations.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s changed:

  • Updates go live faster.
    • Most updates to go live in a day unless they're sent for review.
  • Increased visibility helps you quickly diagnose and fix your account.
    • See if your location information is live, modified or not live.
    • See owners and managers for your locations.
  • Your locations are connected to Google+ and other Google features.
  • More location management tools appear in your account.
    • Add managers on individual locations or on all of your locations grouped under a business account.
    • Request access to locations owned by other users.
    • Get email notifications from other users who want to share the management of your location information.

The upgrade also changes the process for updating your business information:

  1. We've introduced new policies that make updating your business information more straightforward.
    • Each location has one verified owner and up to 50 owners or managers.
  2. We’ll ask you to check in frequently to ensure that accurate information is displayed to customers.
    • Check weekly for updates from Google to your information.
    • Respond to management access request emails from business associates.
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