Google My Business Locations news & updates

API 2.0 - December 2015

The new version of the Google My Business API gives developers more options to manage their locations at scale. Learn more

Spreadsheet column updates - December 2015

If you’re only updating particular fields for existing locations on your spreadsheet, you may now include only the columns for store code and the fields you want to change, and leave the other columns empty. Learn more

Past updates

Hours updates - November 2015

Google My Business Locations now allows greater flexibility for your business hours, with new support for special days and one hours column for each day of the week. Entering your business hours is now more straightforward and aligned with the kinds of considerations you may face day-to-day in your organization.

Special hours

For days when your business has an irregular schedule, like holidays or special events, you can enter special hours in advance. If you schedule special hours, your regular hours remain in place for all other days. Learn more

Spreadsheet format changes

In addition to the new special hours column, bulk upload spreadsheets now include one column for each day of the week’s regular hours and have new rules for formatting hours. To see the new hours format:

To gain better control over locations’ hours and avoid eventual formatting errors in Google My Business Locations, you should transition to the new spreadsheet format as soon as it’s convenient for you. In the future, the old format will stop being supported.

Learn more

New navigation - September 2015

It’s now easier to navigate between Google My Business Locations and Google My Business. Users can also manage locations and Google+ pages from one place. Learn more

Additional phones - June 2015

The "Alternate Phone" and "Mobile" spreadsheet columns have been merged into a single column called "Additional phones".

The "Additional phones" column allows up to 2 comma-separated phone numbers (mobile or landline, no fax) at which your business can be called, in addition to your primary phone number.

Any phone numbers previously provided as alternate or mobile will appear in "Additional phones" the next time you download your locations. If you're using an older version of the spreadsheet, be sure to move any alternate and mobile phones into the new "Additional phones" column before you import; otherwise, your mobile numbers may be erased.

Several other column names have been adjusted: "Primary phone", “Business name”, "Website", "Hours", "Photos". The usage of these columns hasn’t changed.

New look for the Locations tool - May 2015

The Google My Business Locations tool has gotten a makeover!

Left navigation menu

Don’t worry—most of the functionality should be familiar. To learn more about the new design, visit Navigate the Locations tool.

Primary Category - February 2015

You’ll notice two new columns in your spreadsheet:

  • "Primary category"- A single category shared across all locations of your business
  • "Additional category" - Up to 9 other categories that represent your business.

These columns replace the previous "Categories" column. If you're using an older version of the spreadsheet, add new columns for "Primary category" and "Additional category" in your spreadsheet. You can delete the old "Categories" column.

See Create your bulk upload spreadsheet for more information on this change.

Upgraded accounts - October 2014

We’ve upgraded Google My Business Locations accounts to provide better tools to manage business information for verified accounts. These tools offer an improved process for updating and maintaining your locations.

As a result of the upgrade, the status of some of your locations may have changed.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s changed:

  • Updates go live faster.
    • Most updates to go live in a day unless they are sent for review.
  • Increased visibility to help you quickly diagnose and fix your account
    • See if your location information is live, modified, or not live.
    • See owners and managers for your locations.
  • Your locations are connected to Google+ and other Google features.
  • More location management tools.
    • Add managers on individual locations or on all of your locations grouped under a business account.
    • Request access to locations owned by other users.
    • Get email notifications from other users who want to share management of your location information.

The upgrade also changes the process for updating your business information:

  1. We’ve introduced new policies that make updating business information more straightforward.
    • Each location has one verified owner and up to 50 owners or managers.
  2. We’ll ask you to check in frequently to ensure that accurate information is displayed to customers.
    • Check back weekly for updates from Google to your information.
    • Respond to management access request emails from business associates.
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