Manga subject codes (Japan and South Korea)

For books within the manga genre submitted to Google Play in Japan and South Korea, Google has created a subject code schema. Using these subject codes will help us to categorize your manga titles within the correct manga subgenre on Google Play.

You can provide the following subject codes when submitting your metadata with a spreadsheet or directly on the Settings tab of your manga titles.

For each book, we recommend you to add both an audience subject code (one of the following: For Boys, For Girls, For Young Men, For Children, or For Women), and a content genre subject code (any other subject code).

In the event that one of your manga titles doesn't fall under any of the manga categories below, please use the BISAC category: Comics & Graphic Novels / General.

List of Manga subject codes
At this time, category names can only be submitted in English. Category names in Japanese and Korean are for reference only.
ID Category name (English) Category name (Japanese) Category name (Korean)
MG001 For Boys 少年 소년만화
MG002 For Girls 少女 소녀만화
MG003 For Young Men 青年 남성
MG004 For Children 児童 어린이
MG005 For Women 女性 여성
MG006 Teens Love ティーンズラブ TL
MG007 Boys Love ボーイズラブ BL
MG008 Ladie's Comic レディース 여성코믹
MG009 Girls Love ガールズラブ GL
MG010 Anime/Movie アニメ化・実写化 원작만화
MG011 Anthology/Collections アンソロジー・短編集 만화모음집
MG012 Foreign Comic 海外コミック 외국만화
MG013 Sports スポーツ 스포츠
MG014 Science Fiction SF SF
MG015 Battle/Martial Arts/Action バトル・格闘・アクション 무협/액션
MG016 Essay/Day-to-day/Heartwarming エッセイ・日常・ほのぼの 에세이
MG017 Gag/Comedy ギャグ・コメディ 코믹
MG018 Suspense/Thriller サスペンス 스릴러
MG019 Human Drama ヒューマンドラマ 드라마
MG020 Fantasy ファンタジー・幻想 판타지
MG021 Horror 怪奇・ホラー 공포
MG022 Romantic Comedy ラブコメ 로맨틱코미디
MG023 Romance ラブストーリー 순정
MG024 School Drama 学園ドラマ 학원
MG025 Academic/Learning 教養・学習 교육
MG026 Non-Fiction 実話・体験 논픽션
MG027 Work/Business 職業・ビジネス 비즈니스
MG028 Detective/Mystery 推理・ミステリー 추리/미스테리
MG029 History 歴史・時代劇 역사
MG030* Slightly erotic Men's comics* ちょっとHな男性マンガ* 남성성인*
MG031 Cooking/Gourmet 料理・グルメ 요리/음식
MG032* Slightly erotic Women's comics* ちょっとHな女性マンガ* 여성성인*
MG033 Fairy Tales 童話・昔話・グリム童話 동화
MG034 Comic Magazines コミック雑誌 만화잡지

* Please note that images of nudity with no educational, artistic, historical, or documentary value are not permitted. For more information, see the section "Sexually explicit material" of our Publisher Content Policies.

Submitting Manga subject codes in a spreadsheet

In a spreadsheet, Manga subject codes should be submitted in the following format:

  • One subject code (with the schema specified in square brackets):
    For Boys [Manga]
  • Multiple subject codes for the same title (separated by a semi-colon):
    For Boys [Manga]; Science Fiction [Manga]
  • Alternatively, you can use the subject code ID:
    MG001 [Manga]
    MG001 [Manga]; MG014 [Manga]

Learn more about submitting subject codes in a spreadsheet.

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