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Along with the reports in your account, you can use Google Analytics to measure the traffic generated by your books in Google Books. Google Analytics tracks incoming traffic to your website; this data gives you more insight into how readers interact with your site when they arrive from Google. In addition to the quantity and quality of this traffic, you can see how many of these readers coming from Google complete a purchase on your site. Please note that in order to properly use Google Analytics, you must be able to make direct edits to the HTML code of your site.

On this page, we'll show you how to create a number of useful reports related to Google Books with your Google Analytics account. If you haven't yet signed up for Google Analytics, you can do so by visiting the Google Analytics Getting Started Guide, on the Google Analytics Help Center.

Use Google Analytics to track Google Books traffic

There are several useful features of Google Analytics that allow you to see the traffic that's coming to your website from Google Books.

  • All Traffic Sources. To get a better idea of the visitors that you're getting from Google Books, we suggest using the All Traffic Sources report. Select Acquisition and then click All Traffic. If you type [ ] (without the square brackets) into the search field, you'll see the visitors that have been directed to your site from Google Books. This report tells you how many pages of your site these visitors look at per visit.

  • Referrals. The Referrals report allows you to look deeper into the traffic that you're getting from Google Books. You'll also find this report under Acquisition, labeled as All Referrals. The Referrals report tells you which individual pages on Google Books have generated the most traffic for your site. Again, type [ ] into the search field to restrict the report to Google Books referrals. Then open up the full range of data by clicking on the row. You'll see the statistics broken out into a page-by-page view.

  • Map Overlay. Curious to know where in the world your visitors are from? With this feature, which you can access by selecting Audience and then clicking Geo and then Location, we'll show you the geographical locations of your visitors superimposed on a map of the world.

Additional features

Analytics is a helpful tool to track your Google Books stats, but it has many other features that you may find useful as you develop your website. For example, you can set internal tracking goals on your site, which could allow you to find out how many of your visitors are making purchases on your website. To find out more about this feature, we encourage you to visit Google Analytics Conversion University. For general Analytics questions, please visit the Google Analytics.

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