Remove a book

You can remove a book from Google Books or Google Play.

Based on how much of the book is available for preview, you may be able to remove unauthorized content from a different Google product. Learn more about Google's policy and processes for alleged copyright infringement.

Remove a book you submitted

Remove a book from sale on Google Play

To remove a single book:

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center.
  2. On the left, click Book Catalog.
  3. Select the title of the book you want to remove.
  4. Go to the Summary tab.
    • To remove the book from sale but keep it previewable in Google Books, select Stop selling on Google Play.
    • To remove the book from both Google Play and Google Books, select Deactivate this book.
  5. Click Save.

To remove multiple books, use a spreadsheet:

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center.
  2. On the left, click Book Catalog.
  3. Click Advanced options and then Download book list.
  4. Download the generated spreadsheet.
    • You don't need to select any of the checkbox options.
  5. Open the file in a spreadsheet program.
  6. For each book you want to remove from sale, change the value in the column labeled "Enable for Sale?" to No.
  7. Return to the Book Catalog.
  8. Click Advanced options and then Upload book list.
  9. Select the edited spreadsheet file.
  10. Upload it.
Remove a book that you began to set up but didn't publish
Contact our support team. They can help deactivate the incomplete book and remove it from your catalog.
Remove a book's preview from Google Books
  1. Sign in to the Partner Center.
  2. On the left, click Book Catalog.
  3. Select the title of the book that you want to remove from preview.
  4. Click the Summary tab.
  5. Click Change status.
  6. To remove the book from Google Books, select Deactivate this book.

To deactivate multiple books:

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center account.
  2. From the left, click Book Catalog.
  3. Click Advanced options and then Select books to deactivate.
  4. Check the titles you want to remove. You can browse and filter books.
  5. At the top right, click Continue.
  6. Confirm the number of books you’re deactivating.
  7. From the top right, click Close.

Tip: Your Book Catalog doesn't list deactivated books in the default list. If you want to change their settings, you can search for them in the catalog. Google Books displays basic information about your book even after it’s deactivated, but users can't view the book's contents.

Remove an old version of a book

When you submit an updated book file, the new file replaces the old file once the new file is successfully processed. Read our files and uploading overview.

  • Use the same filename to help our system recognize that the file is an update for an existing book, and not for an entirely new book.
  • You can submit an updated version for both cover and content files.
  • Older versions continue to be listed on the book's "Content" tab as historical information. Learn more about the Content tab.

Remove a book you didn't submit

If you find a book on Google Play or Google Books that you hold the rights to but didn't submit, you can remove it. To check the book's available preview, you can search for it on Google Books.

Tip: The book's visibility indicates how it was added to Google Books.

Remove a book that's for sale on Google Play or previewable on Google Books
You can find who granted Google permission to display your book's pages on the Google Books preview page. Contact the party responsible for the book or report this content for removal.
Remove a book with partial pages visible on Google Books

Books displayed in snippet view are available through the Library Project.

Google partners with libraries to digitize their collections and make their books searchable. Google Books only displays a few sentences of context around the search term, rather than full pages.

Register your book to exclude it from the Library Project.

Remove a book labeled "No preview available" on Google Books
  • Books that have the “No preview available” label are available in the Google Books index in a metadata-only view.
  • Records only show information about the book, which includes:
    • Licensed bibliographic data such as the ISBN, author, publisher, and the publication date.
    • Search results from public websites.
  • Google may also display multiple entries for a single book, which includes:
    • International editions.
    • Previously published versions.
  • Google doesn't remove metadata-only results from the index.
  • If you believe the display of this information violates your rights as a copyright holder, you can file a formal legal complaint.
  • You can contact us to learn which third-party source provided the metadata to us.

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