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Google Play partners can sell eBooks in certain countries/regions. The features described here aren't available everywhere. At this time, selling audiobooks on Play is limited to selected partners. While Google isn’t currently accepting new audiobook partners, this is subject to change. Please check back for updates.

Google will generate a monthly earnings report for each payment profile in your account. To view your earnings reports, go to the Payment Centre, then click the Open link next to your payment profile. You'll see a list of the months when you had earnings, along with a total. For more details, click the Download link.

If you're unable to view earnings reports, make sure that you have both "Analytics & Reports" and "Payment Centre" access.

Earnings reports contain the following information:

Earnings date The date of the payment received by the publisher for this transaction. (If the transaction was a refund, this is the date of the payment which was affected by the refund.)
Transaction date The date of the transaction.
Id A unique identifier for this transaction.
Product Whether the transaction was a purchase or a rental.
  • Single Purchase: A normal sale.
  • Rental: A limited-term rental. The time period of the rental will also be included.
Type: The type of transaction:
  • Sale: A book was sold.
  • Refund: A book was returned.
Pre-order Whether this transaction applied to a pre-order.
  • Authorised: The buyer pre-ordered the book and it hasn't yet been delivered. (The report was generated before the On Sale Date.)
  • Cancelled: The pre-order was cancelled before it was delivered.
  • Fulfilled: The book was pre-ordered and has been delivered.
  • None: The transaction didn't involve a pre-order.
Qty The number of books in the transaction. This will be negative if the transaction was a refund.
Primary ISBN The primary ISBN or other identifier for the book, prefixed by a single quotation mark so that spreadsheet programs will display the entire ISBN.
Imprint name The name of the imprint under which the book was sold.
Title The title of the book.
Author The author of the book.
Original list price currency For converted prices, the currency of the list price before currency conversion. Otherwise, the same as "List Price Currency."
Original list price For converted prices, the list price before currency conversion. Otherwise, the same as "List Price [tax exclusive]."
List price currency The currency of the book's list price.
List price [tax inclusive] The list price of the book, including any taxes.
List price [tax exclusive] The list price of the book, excluding any taxes.
Country of sale The country where the buyer bought the book.
Publisher revenue % The publisher's percentage of the list price.
Publisher revenue The amount of revenue earned by the publisher. This will be negative if the transaction was a refund.
Earnings currency The currency of the publisher's earnings.
Earnings amount The amount of the publisher's net earnings from this transaction. Negative for refunds.
Currency conversion rate If the earnings currency and the purchase currency differ, the rate of exchange between the two currencies.
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