The Content tab

You can add or update the content and cover files for a book by going to the Book Catalog of your Partner Center account.

  1. Click the book's title.
  2. Click Content.
Do you want to upload files for multiple books? This page only explains how to add or update content for a single book at a time. See the instructions for bulk uploads instead.

Upload content

To upload new or updated content, click Upload content/Upload a file. Each file should be less than 2 GB.

Filename guidelines

Please name your files according to the following guidelines.
Note: These guidelines are specific to files uploaded on a specific book's "Content" tab. If you're uploading files directly from the Book Catalog, refer to the filename guidelines for bulk uploads.

.epub files .epub filename extension (e.g. book.epub)
.pdf files .pdf filename extension (e.g. book.pdf)
  • Books split across multiple PDF files should include the current and total number of files before the filename extension in this format: <current>of<total> (e.g. 1234567890_1of2.pdf and 1234567890_2of2.pdf, you can replace 1234567890 with text of your choice)
  • If the PDF file doesn't include the cover and the cover will be submitted in a separate file, the PDF filename must include interior in the filename before the filename extension (e.g. 1234567890_interior.pdf)
Front cover image files

.png, .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, or .pdf filename extension (e.g. cover.jpeg)

Cover files in PDF format should include frontcover in the filename before the filename extension (e.g. 1234567890_frontcover.pdf)

Back cover image files

.png, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .tif, or .tiff filename extension

Filenames must include backcover before the filename extension (e.g. 1234567890_backcover.tif, you can replace 1234567890 with text of your choice)

For all files, avoid including an underscore character ( _ ) in the filename unless it's being used before one of the above mentioned suffixes (e.g. _1of2 or _backcover).

File status and history

Files you submit for this book will appear in the upload history on this page, initially under "Pending content." If they process successfully, they'll supersede any older versions of the same display type in our system and move to the "Processed Content" list. Any errors will be noted in the "Issues" column.

The version listed under "Processed Content" will be available on Google Books and Google Play, if sales are enabled. Previous versions will be listed under "Past Files."

Files may appear in your upload history under a different filename than the one you used.

Pending Content Files are listed here if they haven't successfully processed yet. This includes files currently undergoing processing as well as files with errors. Check the "Issues" column for the details
Processed Content Only the most recent successfully processed version of each display type (see below) is listed here. This is the version that will be available on Google Books and on Google Play (depending on your settings).
Cover Files Processed cover image files are listed here.
Past Files Previous versions of your book files are listed here. This includes versions which didn't successfully process, as well as old cover image files.

Display types

  • Flowing: .epub files
  • Fixed: .pdf files
  • Cover: Cover image files are displayed in a separate list, under "Cover Files."

Content reviewers

Note: If you see “quality review,” you’re using a previous version of our Partner Center.

After your content processes successfully, you'll have the option to add content reviewers. Content reviewers acquire a free copy of your book in their personal Google Play library, so they can see how it will appear to buyers. To view your eBook, add yourself as a content reviewer. Read more about granting books to reviewers.

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