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Upload & sell audiobooks

You can sell your audiobooks directly from your Partner Center account. If you sell your audiobooks directly, you’ll have more control over your audiobook catalog. You can:

  • Create promotions
  • Review sales analytics
  • Update metadata

This program is currently limited to select publishers in the United States and Canada.

Important: Complete this form if you sell audiobooks through a distributor. If you own the rights to an audiobook, it can be moved from your distributor account to your partner account. Do not remove these audiobooks on Google Play with your distributor.

Get started with uploading & selling audiobooks

To get started uploading and selling audiobooks, you first need to accept the terms of service.

In the “Payment Center” tab of your Partner Center, verify or add audiobook sales territories. Learn how to add sales territories.

Move audiobooks to your publisher account

Important: Complete this process for all audiobooks that are currently live on Google Play in a distributor’s account. Do not remove these audiobooks from Google Play Books.

To move any audiobooks that currently live in the distributor’s account to your partner account, complete this form. This will preserve your audiobooks’ data and reviews in our store.

Publish new audiobooks on Google Play Books

If an audiobook isn’t currently for sale on Google Play Books, you can upload it to your account immediately. Learn more about book file guidelines.

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