Pharmaceutical product policy

Contrary to Google Ads, online pharmaceutical products are not allowed on Ad Exchange. Advertising pharmaceuticals and online pharmacies is prohibited and restricted in certain locations, and on Ad Exchange, all policies are global.

Google Ads has a direct relationship with every advertiser and can require proof of legal status. On Ad Exchange, the relationship is with the buyer and we lack insight to the identity of those advertisers.

The Ad Exchange pharmaceutical policy includes prescription drugs, online pharmacies, unapproved pharmaceutical supplements, and other substances, such as steroids.

The following examples also fall under this category (not an exhaustive list):

  • Sale of HGH, HCG, prescription vaccines and enzymes, HCG clinics, and clinics and spas that administer Botox, Latisse, Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse.
  • Clinical trials, contraception info and products, fertility tests and aids, miracle cures and related products, misleading claims in the creative, HIV home tests, secret paternity tests.
  • Sale of any product on the unapproved supplement list.
  • Illegal drugs, herbal drugs, drug paraphernalia, bong, glass pipes, hookahs, aids to pass drug tests.

Over-the-counter (OTC) brands

Creatives for over-the-counter (OTC) brands are allowed on Ad Exchange. Approval for these brands is determined by the landing page and the content of the creative. Landing pages are considered acceptable as long as they do not contain Prescription Drug Terms (PDT) or directly link to an online pharmacy website. If the landing page of the creative contains PDT or directly links to a pharmacy website, the creative will be disapproved and the bid response will be filtered out of the auction.

Due to local restrictions, OTC creatives are not allowed in China or Russia. Any OTC creatives running in Korea require the ad deliberation number to be located in the ad creative with a font size of 8 or larger. Creatives without the ad deliberation number will be disapproved.

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