Publisher block override for deals

Publishers can override the blocks they've set up on their inventory for individual preferred deals or private auctions. If override blocks is turned on, blocking rules they've set up for the following blocking types are turned off:

Advertiser URLs: Ads linked to top-level domains, and all subdirectories below that domain.

General categories: Ads characterized as certain general categories, such as sports or finance.

Sensitive categories: Ads characterized as certain sensitive categories, such as politics or religion.

Restricted categories: Ad characterized as certain restricted categories, such as Pharmaceutical or gambling.

Ad technologies: Ads using certain third- and fourth-party vendor technologies.

Policy update for Preferred Deal transactions

When block override is enabled by a Publisher for a given Preferred Deal, some content restrictions (sections 2.5 and 3.3) are also lifted. Note that this does not apply to Private Auctions.

Blocks unaffected by block override

Blocks set up for cookies and data uses (non-Google Demand) and user-based data (Google Demand sources) are unaffected by the block override feature. This applies to cookies and data used for data collection, re-marketing lists, interest-based category cookies, or match-coding and subsequent data. Block overrides do not apply to Google Ads, static buying, or RTB pretargeting and have no effect on unified advertiser exclusions created in Google Ad Manager.

Certain restricted categories (for example, malware or copyright) are unaffected by overrides to ensure compliance with Google policies. Alcohol ads are also unaffected.

Bidder support for block override

Bidders must read the blocking information in the callout to determine which deals have enabled block override, to determine if blocks can be ignored for certain deals.

Determine the block override status from the bid request

When the block override status is available for an impression, Ad Exchange will pass the status to RTB buyers in a field in the bid request.

In the bid request buyers receive, the publisher_blocks_overridden field will contain a value of either 0 or 1. A value of 0 indicates that all applicable publisher inventory blocks remain in place for this deal. A value of 1 indicates that the publisher has exempted this deal from such blocks.

Learn more in the proto definition.


As an alternative to determining block override status using the bid request, bidders can also read the publisherBlocksOverriden property of the deal configuration data available via the REST API. Learn more about accessing this data in the Direct Deals section of the API.

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