Get started with the Google Assistant on your Pixel 4

The new Google Assistant is built into your phone and apps, making it easier to complete tasks. You can text, call, get answers, look up directions, and do more with just your voice.

What you need

To use the new Google Assistant, you need a Pixel 4 with:

  • The Google app, version 10.73 and up.
  • Google Play services.
  • The Assistant language set to "English - United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Singapore" or "Japanese."

Talk to your new Google Assistant

  1. Use your voice or phone:
  2. Ask a question or say a command. For example, you can say "What’s the weather today?" or "Set a timer for 10 minutes."
  3. Listen to the answer.
  4. To continue the conversation, look for the Assistant glow at the bottom of the screen and then ask another question or say a command. If you don’t see the Assistant glow, turn on continued conversation.
  5. The Google Assistant will stop listening after a few seconds. To stop the conversation sooner, tap the Assistant glow at the bottom of the screen or say "Thank you."

Turn on continued conversation

  1. Say "Hey Google, open Assistant settings" or on your phone, go to Settings and then Apps & Notifications and then Assistant.
  2. Turn on Continued conversation.

What you can ask

Take pictures, open apps, change your settings, and get answers. For example:

  • "Turn on Bluetooth."
  • "Take a screenshot."
  • "Take a selfie."
  • "Go to John Legend on Twitter."
  • "Help me speak Spanish."

Here are more examples of what you can ask.

You don’t have the new Google Assistant

If you don’t see the moving lights at the bottom of your screen, you have an older version of the Assistant. To get the new Google Assistant, check this info:

Check your device settings

For the new Google Assistant to work, make sure these settings are in place:

  • Your Assistant language is set to English - United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Singapore or Japanese. To change your settings, say "Hey Google, change Assistant language."
  • You use only one Assistant language. If you have a second Assistant language, remove it.
  • TalkBack, Voice Access, and Switch Access are turned off.
  • You don’t use a third-party launcher.
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