Manage Google Assistant headphone notifications

On some headphones connected to an Android phone or tablet, Google Assistant can notify you when you have a message, email, or upcoming calendar event. For some messaging or chat apps, Google Assistant can also read new messages.

Hear a notification

  1. On your headphones, press the button or touch area to ask Google Assistant to read notifications.
  2. Google Assistant will read any notifications you have.

Turn spoken notifications on or off

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, say "Hey Google, open Assistant settings."
  2. Tap Devices.
  3. Under "Personal," tap your headphones and then Spoken notifications.
  4. Turn Spoken notifications on or off.
    • Tip: You can also turn off spoken notifications specific apps.

Turn Do Not Disturb on or off

  • If you don't want to hear chimes for new notifications on your phone, learn how to turn on Do Not Disturb.
  • If you have Do Not Disturb turned off and still don't hear chimes for new notifications, check that your media volume is turned up and your phone isn't on silent.

Respond to a message

When you get a new message, Google Assistant can let you quickly speak a response that will be returned to the sender.

  1. After you get a new message, wait until you hear a "blip" sound. Google Assistant will wait for several seconds to allow you to trigger a gesture.
  2. While you hear the “blip” sound, trigger the gesture you use to start a conversation with Google Assistant, and speak the reply you want to send.
  3. Google Assistant will read out the message, then ask you to send it or change it.

How notifications and Google Assistant language settings work

If you have different languages configured on your phone and in your settings, Google Assistant will try to read your notifications in the language the message was received in.

For the best experience, set your primary Assistant language and your phone's system display language to be the same language.

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