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How Google Assistant is designed for your privacy

Google Assistant is built to keep your information private, safe, and secure. You can use features built into Google Assistant-enabled devices like the mute mic button and camera switch, along with Google Assistant settings to control when Google Assistant sends data to Google.

How Google Assistant keeps your data private

We want to clearly address some of the top concerns based on privacy and security queries related to Google Assistant and Google Assistant-enabled devices like Google Home, Nest Mini, Nest Hub, Nest Audio, and more.

You asked: Is Google Assistant device camera always streaming?

You asked: Is Google Assistant listening to me all the time?

Google Assistant is designed to wait in standby mode until it detects an activation, like when it hears “Hey Google.” The status indicator on your device will let you know when Google Assistant is activated. When in standby mode, it won’t send what you’re saying to Google servers or anyone else. After Google Assistant detects an activation, it exits standby mode and sends your request to Google servers. This can also happen if there is a noise that sounds like “Hey Google” or an unintended manual activation.

If you don't want to activate your Google Assistant by voice, you can mute the mic on your device or turn off "Hey Google." Learn how to turn off voice activations.

You asked: Why did Google Assistant activate when I didn't prompt it?

Google Assistant might activate when you didn’t intend it to, because it incorrectly detected that you wanted its help. For example, your Google Assistant might activate when there’s a noise that sounds like “Hey Google” or you manually activate your device accidentally. We’re constantly working to reduce unintended activations. If Google Assistant accidentally activates, you can say “Hey Google, that wasn’t for you,” and your Google Assistant will delete the last thing it sent to Google from My Activity. Learn how to adjust how sensitive Google Assistant is to “Hey Google.”

To learn more about how Google Assistant keeps your info private, safe, and secure, visit the Safety Center.

Control your Google Assistant device

Turn off the camera

On Google Nest connected home devices with cameras, you can turn off your camera on a Google Nest Hub Max at any time. If you have a device made by a third party, check with the manufacturer for your Google Assistant device.

Turn off voice activations for Google Assistant

When Google Assistant is in standby mode, your device processes short snippets of audio to detect an activation, like when it hears “Hey Google.” If you want to pause your device from processing these audio snippets, you can:

  • Mute the mic on your speaker, smart display, or smart clock. On the back of your device, turn off the switch for the microphone. The switch is often orange or red when the microphone is turned off. Learn how to turn off the mic on Google Nest or Home devices.
  • Turn off “Hey Google” on your Android phone or tablet.
    1. Say "Hey Google, open Google Assistant settings."
    2. Tap Voice Match.
    3. Turn off Hey Google.

Tip: If you turn off “Hey Google,” you can activate your Assistant in other ways. Learn how to activate your Google Assistant on your device.

Adjust Google Assistant’s “Hey Google” sensitivity

Different sound environments can affect how sensitive Google Assistant-enabled devices are to phrases that sound like “Hey Google” or “Ok Google.” On speakers or smart displays, you can adjust your device’s sensitivity to work best for you and your environment. Learn how to change Google Assistant’s “Hey Google” sensitivity.

Delete your Google Assistant activity

If you have Web & App Activity turned on, your interactions with Google Assistant may be saved in your Google Account and shown in your Google Assistant activity in My Activity. You can delete your Google Assistant activity at any time or choose to auto-delete your activity after a certain period. Learn how to delete your Google Assistant activity.

Learn how your activity is deleted.

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