Build an automation using Google Forms

You must be a Google Workspace user to build AppSheet automations with Google Forms. See Add AppSheet to Google Workspace.

If you are using your Google Workspace account, the Google Workspace Terms of Service govern your use of Google Forms. Otherwise, refer to the Google Terms of Service.

Build an automation using Google Forms to trigger events based on a form response, as described in the following sections:

Get started

To get started building automations with Google Forms, see Quick start: Build your first app and automation using Google Forms.

Steps to build automations using Google Forms

Build automations using Google Forms to trigger events based on a form submission by performing the following steps.

# Step Description

Create a form using Google Forms

Before you can build an automation, you must create a form using Google Forms. See How to use Google Forms.


  • By default, a form built using Google Forms doesn't collect email addresses. This may be suitable for surveys where anonymous feedback is acceptable or preferred. For scenarios where it is important to know the identity of the user submitting the form, configure the form to collect respondents' email addresses.
  • For questions that allow file uploads, Google Forms allows users to upload multiple files as the answer to a single question. AppSheet doesn't support multiple uploaded files for a single question and will save only the first uploaded file (ignoring all other uploaded files for that single question). To ensure data consistency, we recommend allowing one file upload per question (the default) in a form being used with AppSheet.
2 Add the form to your app

Do one of the following:

In each case, select Google Forms as the data source and then navigate to the form. See also How AppSheet stores responses from Google Forms.


Use the form responses to trigger an automation

Build an automation and add a Google Forms event

How AppSheet stores responses from Google Forms

When you add a form from Google Forms to your app, AppSheet adds a read-only table to store the responses collected by the form. For example, the following shows the Table settings for the read-only table that is used to store data collected by the Travel Request form.

Read-only table added by AppSheet to store Google Form responses

Because the read-only table is empty when you initially add the form, if you select to Send an email when you configure a Google Forms event, you won't be able to preview the email until at least one form response is submitted.

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