Get started by using the feature samples

Get started with AppSheet by using the feature samples summarized below.

See also: AppSheet App templates

Activity schedule Item reservation
Add multiple photos Lead tracking
At most one value true Link to form
Attendance Local events calendar
Bulk actions Log chart viewer
Calculate distances Lookup function
Change columns Lookup table
Change view on row selection Media budget
Chart of related records Most recent child row
Click to send email Most recent value
Conditional format rules Multi-page forms
Contractor costs Nested forms
Custom map pins OCRTEXT() demo
Custom maps Order capture how-to
Custom reports Ordered drop-down
Custom tour guide Out of office app
Deep links Partitioning
Dependent drop-downs Pie chart
Distinct pairs Project management
Distinct value drop-down Property management
Drill-down Quote calculator
Drop-downs Quote and proposal
Dynamic form action Ref list filter
Dynamic inventory Reference actions
Dynamic inventory with quantity Reminders
Employee training Repair manual

Enum vs EnumList
See also:
Display a drop-down with a simple list of values

Repair requests
Equipment inspections Row labels and keys
Export CSV Safety reporting
Export CSV of filtered rows Sales reporting
Field survey Search in form
Formatting dates Search using a form
Form with tabs Share button
Geofencing Ship inspection
Hide field in form Slice based on user input
Hierarchical menu Slice by date
Histogram Sliders
Home inspection Split on newline
How to sort Sum by date
How to use slices SUM() and COUNT()
Hyperlinks Switch expressions
Icon main menu Table references
ICS example Time clock
Image annotations Timer app
Images in buttons Top related items
Images in forms United states population
Images in sheets Video columns
Initialize to nearest location Video comments
Inspection app upgrade View counter
Inspection template Wind turbine inspection
Interactive dashboard Workflow when children added
Interactive map dashboard  


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