UX view type: Detail

This view is used to show details about a record and page left and right through multiple records. This view is automatically used when an item is selected in the table, deck, and gallery view. You can configure this automatic view by creating a UX control of type detail and position ref based on the same data source. The view settings include options such as image presentation, column order, and QuickEdit columns.

Detail view example

QuickEdit makes columns editable directly from the row detail view so they can be updated without editing the full form. To use QuickEdit, the data source of the detail view must allow edits. Additionally, some columns will not be eligible such as:

  • Key columns
  • Columns marked read-only
  • Columns computed by AppFormula or sheet formula
  • System columns like row number
  • "Change"-type columns
  • Columns with Editable_If expressions that disallow edits

Some details to keep in mind when using QuickEdit columns:

  • They can cause other column values to change through formula dependencies
  • Valid_If and Required_If conditions will be applied, and changes that invalidate the row will be rejected
  • Each edit is considered a separate row update, and as such, this feature is best used together with the Delayed Sync option

Create a detail view

To create a detail view:

  1. Create a view, as described in Create a view.
  2. Select detail as the View type when configuring the view.


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