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Share resources with your team

Note: Teams are supported for Enterprise plans only.

Share the following resources with your team:

See also Share sample apps in your public portfolio.

Share authoring of apps

Team root and admin accounts can access all team apps regardless of whether or not they are shared.

AppSheet app creators can share app authoring with individual team members. For details, see Share: The Essentials.

Share authoring of databases

AppSheet database creators can share database authoring with individual team members. For details, see Share databases.

Share sample apps with your team

You can share sample apps with your team configuring your team or your app. Your team sample apps can be viewed or copied (but not modified) on the My Team page by anyone on the team.

Note: Apps must be deployed before you can share them with your team.

Share sample apps when configuring your team

To share a sample app with your team when configuring your team:

  1. Sign in to AppSheet.
  2. Select My team in the account profile drop-down.
  3. Click Shared Apps.
  4. Click Add a team sample.

    Add a team sample app
  5. Click the sample that you want to share with your team.

Share sample apps when configuring your app

To share a sample app with your team when configuring your app:

  1. Sign in to AppSheet.
  2. Open the app in the app editor.
  3. Select Manage > Author.
  4. Expand the Team Work section.
  5. Turn on Make this a team sample?
  6. To hide the app definition details from team members in the team portfolio, turn on Hide app definition. In this case, team members won't have the option to view the app details.
  7. Click Change visibility.

Share data sources with your team

To share a data source with your team:

  1. Sign in to AppSheet.
  2. Select My team in the account profile drop-down.
  3. Click Shared data.
  4. Click + New Data Source and follow the prompts to add a new data source.
  5. After the data source is added, select More menu options More > Share with my team in the More menu.
    Note: To hide a shared data source from your team, select Hide from Team in the More menu.

    Share with team option in More menu

    A copy of the data source appears under Team Sources. For example:

    Shared data source under Team Sources

Team members can view all shared data sources by selecting My team > Shared Data.


Shared data including 3 team data sources and 1 team domain

Share integrations with your team

When adding integration points on the My account > Integrations tab, such as auth domains, object stores, inbound and outbound channels, or app services, you can share those integrations with your team by selecting   More menu options More > Share with team after you add the integration.

In addition, you can set an auth domain as the team default by selecting  More menu options More > Make team default after you share the auth domain with your team.

Make team default

See also:

Work with a shared drive

Many AppSheet users use a Google Drive as their cloud file system. 

Google Drive has a feature called a shared drive that allows a team of users to share a common cloud folder hierarchy. When appropriately configured, each user sees not only My Drive, but also one or more shared drives. AppSheet apps can also utilize data from a shared drive.

Use a spreadsheet from a shared drive

When choosing to add a spreadsheet as a table in your app, the Google file picker will automatically show you any available shared drives in addition to My Drive. Simply browse into a shared drive and select a spreadsheet. AppSheet will work seamlessly with that data.

Use a shared drive as the root folder of an account

Every AppSheet account has a Default folder path, which is defined on the My account > Settings page. The root folder path defaults to /appsheet/data

Every app created by your account results in a subfolder created within that root folder. For example, an application called MySales for user 123456 will result in a folder of the form /appsheet/data/MySales-123456.

This root folder path can be configured to use a shared drive. This is useful for managing many apps in a team. By ensuring that the application folders live in a shared drive, the organization can ensure that apps can be easily transferred and will continue to run, even if the original app creator leaves the organization.

For example, let us assume that there is a shared drive called MyTeamDrive associated with the Google Drive of the AppSheet account. The AppSheet root folder path can be configured as /[TeamDrive]MyTeamDrive/appsheetdata. When a new app is created in this account, it will have a folder called /appsheetdata/MySales-123456 created within the MyTeamDrive shared drive.

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