Get started using your watch

This guide shows you how to use your watch. It’s perfect if you just got a watch or if you want a refresher on the basics.

Start using Android Wear (4:14)

1 Wake up your watch

Start by waking up your watch. If your watch’s screen is dimmed, you can wake up the watch by:

  • Touching the screen.
  • Turning your wrist so your watch face is upright.
  • Pressing a button on the watch (if it has one).

Dim your watch

Press your palm onto the screen until it vibrates.

2 Change your watch face
  1. If your screen is dim, touch the screen to wake up the watch.
  2. Touch and hold anywhere on the background of the home screen for two seconds.
  3. Swipe from right to left to browse designs, then touch to choose one.


3 See useful info on cards

You'll see cards containing short snippets of useful information like traffic, weather, text messages, and reminders.

Cards will peak out from the bottom of your screen throughout the day, and the most important cards show up first.

To view a card

  1. Swipe ↑ up from the bottom of your screen or roll your wrist away from you.
  2. Touch a card to see more info.


  • To see more cards, keep swiping up from the bottom of the screen.
  • To hide card previews, swipe down on the card. You can also turn off card previews entirely.
  • You can use wrist gestures to scroll through different cards. Learn how from this wrist gesture video.
4 Take action on cards

Some cards provide more details or have actions you can take. Here are a couple examples:

  • On a weather card, you'll see a 4-day forecast.
  • On a Gmail card, you'll see options to archive, reply, or open Gmail on your phone.

To see more details, swipe the card from ← right to left.

5 Swipe away cards when you’re done

Once you're done looking at a card, you can get rid of it.

To dismiss a card, swipe from → left to right.

To bring a card back that you dismissed

  1. After you dismiss a card, swipe down from the top your screen.
  2. Touch the dismissing button . You’ll have about five seconds to get the card back. If you’ve swiped away the last card in your stream, you’ll need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see the Dismissing button.

Note: Cards will come back when there’s new info to share.

How watch notifications work with your phone

If you dismiss a card on your watch, the same card or notification will be dismissed on your phone.

If you dismiss a notification from your phone, it won’t show up on your watch.

6 Ask questions & do everyday tasks

Here’s how to use your voice actions on your watch.

  1. If your screen is dim, touch the screen to wake up the watch.
  2. Say “Ok Google.” You’ll see a white screen with a red “g.”
  3. Say your question or task.

Try saying: “Send a text” or “Remind me to buy milk when I get home.”

To see a list of actions:

  1. If your screen is dim, touch the screen to wake up the watch.
  2. Swipe from right to left ← 3 times to see your list of voice actions.
  3. Scroll through the list and try saying a voice action. You can also touch one.

Learn more about questions and tasks that work with Android Wear.

7 See a menu of things you can do

You can see a menu of things you can do, like set a reminder or see your steps, right on your watch:

  1. If your screen is dim, touch the screen to wake up the watch.
  2. Touch the background of the watch face.
  3. Swipe from ← right to left 2 times.
  4. You’ll see a list of things you can do. Swipe up to see different options.
  5. To choose an option, just touch it.
8 Open and use apps

To open an app installed on your watch:

  1. If your screen is dim, touch the screen to wake up the watch.
  2. Touch the watch face’s background.
  3. Touch the app you want to use.

Tip: You can also start an app simply by saying “Ok Google, open” and then its name.

Download other apps

You can see a list of recommended apps in the Google Play Store. Here’s how:

  1. On your phone, open the Android Wear app .
  2. Scroll down until you see “Get the applications you love” and touch More to open the Google Play Store.

Note: Some watches come with apps made by the manufacturer, and they may be the default app for some tasks. If you have questions about these apps, contact the manufacturer.

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