Using your Nexus Player remote

Use your Nexus Player remote to navigate the screen. 

Nexus Player remote
  1. Indicator light
  2. Voice search 
  3. Navigation D-pad
  4. Select
  5. Play/Pause
  6. Back
  7. Home

How to use the remote

  • To move through content: Use the Navigation wheel to press up, down, left or right.
  • To select an item: Press Select button.
  • To go to the previous screen: Press Back button Back.
  • To go to Home screen: Press Home button Home.
  • To Play/Pause: Press the Play/Pause button Play/Pause.
  • To Voice search: Press the Voice search button Microphone, then say your command. Here’s a list of things you can search for. If you’re using an app when you press the Voice search button, you’ll search within that app.
  • To put the remote in pairing mode: Press and hold the Back Back and Home Home buttons for 5 seconds.

Your Nexus Player remote doesn’t control your TV volume or input. Use the remote that came with your TV.

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