[GA4] Events

Measure user interactions on a website or app

An event allows you to measure a distinct user interaction on a website or app. For example, loading a page, clicking a link, and completing a purchase are all interactions you can measure with events.

If you're migrating from Universal Analytics, read this migration guide instead.

Types of events

The following types of events are collected automatically:

  • Automatically collected events are events that Google Analytics collects by default when you set up the global site tag or the Tag Manager snippet on your website or the Google Analytics for Firebase SDK in your app. Learn more
  • Enhanced measurement events are events that Google Analytics collects from websites when enhanced measurement is enabled within Google Analytics. Learn more

The following types of events require some implementation in order to see them in Analytics:

  • Recommended events are events that you implement, but that have predefined names and parameters. These events unlock existing and future reporting capabilities. Learn more
  • Custom events are events that you define. Make sure you only create custom events when no other events work for your use case. Custom events don't show up in most standard reports so you need to set up custom reports or explorations for meaningful analysis. Learn more

See events in Analytics

Google Analytics displays events in the Realtime and DebugView reports as users trigger the events. Once Analytics processes the event data (typically within 24-48 hours of receiving the data), you can use the following to see your data:

  • Reports: Use prebuilt and custom reports to reference your event data quickly
  • Explorations: Use a collection of advanced techniques to help you uncover deeper insights
  • BigQuery: Use a SQL-like syntax to query your event data when you have a large dataset
  • The Analytics Data API: Use your event data outside of Google Analytics
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