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Gain insights into the actions that are most important to your business and use that data to improve your marketing efforts

A conversion is any user action that's valuable to your business; for example, a user purchasing from your store or subscribing to your newsletter are examples of common conversions.

Measure conversions

The primary way to measure a Google Analytics conversion is to create or identify an event that measures the important user interaction and then mark the event as a conversion. For example, if you use the Google tag or Tag Manager, you would create the event for your website and then go to Google Analytics to mark the event as a conversion.

Additional ways include the following:

  • Measure engaged-view conversions: See how many users watched a YouTube video for at least 10 seconds and then converted within 3 days of viewing the video.
  • Configure an ad network (for apps only): Measure conversions from users who were exposed to your ads and then took an action, such as making a purchase, on your app.

Why they're important

By setting up conversions, you can do the following:

  • Report on conversions: See the actions that matter most to your business using the Acquisition, Engagement, and Advertising reports.
  • Bid on conversions: Import your conversion data into Google Ads to fuel manual or Smart bidding decisions to help optimize your campaigns.
  • Attribute credit to conversions: Combine your data with data from other advertising channels to understand the touch points along a user's path to conversion.
  • Advertise to unconverted users: Use your conversion data to create audiences of users who didn't convert and import those audiences into Google Ads for remarketing.

Migrate from Universal Analytics

In Universal Analytics, you use goals to set up conversions. If you are migrating from a Universal Analytics property to Google Analytics 4, see how to migrate your goals to conversion events.


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