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Product Data import can bring your entire product catalog into Analytics, allowing you to measure user behavior, site traffic, ecommerce revenue and conversions with product-specific data such as size, color, style, or whatever product dimensions make sense for your business.

Importing Product Data into Analytics simplifies and reduces the amount of ecommerce data you need to send along with hits, like Pageviews and events. A single Product ID or SKU sent to Analytics at collection time can be joined with your imported product data to populate product dimensions and metrics in your reports.

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How Product Data import works

To use this feature, your property must be using the Enhanced Ecommerce plugin.

Product Data Import works by using the SKU dimension as a key. You can send one or more product SKUs with your Enhanced Ecommerce hits. The additional product metadata can be stored in Analytics default Ecommerce or Enhanced Ecommerce dimensions. You can also define product-scoped custom dimensions and metrics for your product data.

Uploaded data needs to be processed before it appears in reports. Once processing is complete, it may take up to 24 hours before the imported data is applied to incoming hit data.

Analyze and take action

The default product dimensions, such as Revenue, Product Category (Enhanced Ecommerce), Product Brand, etc., appear in the Conversions > Ecommerce (or Enhanced Ecommerce) report. Custom product dimensions are available using custom reports.

You can also Segment your users by their shopping behavior based on imported product data.

Data Set details

The Data Set is the container that will hold your imported data. Expand the section below to see the Data Set details.

Data Set details


  • Scope—the scope determines which hits will be associated with the import dimension values. There are four levels of scope: hit, session, user and product. Learn more about scope.
  • Schema Key—lists the key dimensions or metrics. The key is used to join the data you upload with the existing data in your hits for this Data Set type.
  • Imported Data—lists the dimensions and metrics available for the data you upload to Google Analytics.
The dimensions and metrics listed here for the schema key and imported data are for reference only and may not be complete; the actual dimensions and metrics available will appear in the user interface when you create the Data Set.
Scope Session
Schema Key Product SKU (required)
Imported Data


  • Custom dimension (product scope)
  • Product
  • Product Brand
  • Product Category (Enhanced Ecommerce)
  • Product Variant


  • Custom metric (product scope)
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