[UA] Create audiences for Dynamic Remarketing

Use Analytics to create your audiences for Dynamic Remarketing.

After you’ve updated your tags with the vertical attributes you want to use, those attributes are then available in Analytics, and you can use them to create your Remarketing Audiences.

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Target users based on where they are in the conversion funnel

You can create user-based Remarketing Audiences in Analytics that identify users in various levels of the conversion funnel. While you can implement Dynamic Remarketing by using the preconfigured All Users list, creating more narrowly targeted lists lets you focus your ad content and budget where it will have the most impact. For example, users who have already added items to their shopping carts might need just a reminder or incentive to complete their transactions, while users who have only viewed the products may need more convincing about the overall value of the products.

By following the same procedure you use to create Remarketing Audiences, you can build segment-based Dynamic Remarketing Audiences using your new dimensions:

  • General users (for example, users who viewed your home page, or any of your category or product pages)
  • Product searchers (for example, users who viewed any of your search-results pages)
  • Product viewers (for example, users who viewed any of your product lists, or who viewed specific product-detail pages)
  • Conversion abandoners (for example, users who viewed their shopping carts, but didn’t view the purchase-confirmation page)
  • Past converters (users who have viewed the purchase-confirmation page)


Import audiences preconfigured for your vertical

You can import a preconfigured Remarketing Audience into your Analytics Account based on your business vertical.

Because the attribute values are different for each industry vertical, the audience definitions vary slightly. For example, if you import the configuration for Retail, then you'll have a slightly different audience than if you import the configuration for Travel.

To import an audience configuration for a specific vertical:

  1. Sign in to your Analytics account.
  2. Open another tab in the same browser, and then click one of the links below: When you click a link, you are presented with a screen that lets you select the Analytics view in which you want to import the audience, and select the advertising account with which you want to share the audience:
    Options for importing a Remarketing Audience
  3. Select a view: Select the Analytics view in which you want the audience available.
  4. Select Product Account: Select the advertising account in which you want the audience available.
  5. Click Create.

After you import a preconfigured audience, you can see it on the Admin tab > Property column > Remarketing > Audiences, and in the advertising account you specified.


Next steps

  1. Create attributes for Dynamic Remarketing
  2. Create your Dynamic Remarketing campaign in Google Ads

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