Create your Dynamic Remarketing campaign in AdWords

After you’ve tagged your pages, created your Remarketing Audiences in Analytics, and linked the new dynamic attributes to your AdWords account, you can then create your Dynamic Remarketing campaigns in AdWords.

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Create a Dynamic Remarketing campaign in AdWords

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. On the Campaigns page, click the Campaigns tab, then click + CAMPAIGN.

    Create a Display Network only campaign in AdWords
  3. Click Display Network only, then select the Remarketing option.

    Remarketing option for Display-Network-only campaign
  4. Under Dynamic remarketing > Enable dynamic remarketing, enable the option to Use dynamic ads
  5. Choose a business type.
  6. Click Set up remarketing to walk through the guided workflow for sending feed instructions, sending tag instructions, and reviewing lists.
  7. Configure the other options, then click Save and continue.
  8. On the Create an ad group page:
    • Enter a name for the Ad Group, and enter a CPC bid.
    • Click the Remarketing lists tab.
    • Select the Remarketing Lists you want to use as the basis for your audience.
    • Click Save and continue.
  9. On the Create ads page:
    • Select the DYNAMIC (DISPLAY) creative type.
    • Configure your ad.
    • Click Save and continue to billing.
  10. Complete creation of the campaign.


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