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About Google Display Network Impression Reporting

Measure the impact of unclicked GDN Display ad impressions.

Google Display Network (GDN) Impression Reporting allows Google advertisers to measure the impact of unclicked GDN Display ad impressions on site behavior and conversions. When you enable this feature, you'll see GDN impression activity for non-text Display ads—including Rich Media ads (i.e., animated image and Flash ads)—in the Multi-Channel Funnels reports.

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To use GDN Impression Reporting, you must have:


Before you enable GDN Impression Reporting, you must:

To enable GDN Impression Reporting:

  1. Contact your Google sales account manager or Google Analytics 360 account manager to request this feature activation. Please note that we cannot guarantee access, but we will do our best to provide this feature to as many users as possible.
  2. Sign in to Analytics with the account that you have linked to AdWords.
  3. Select the Admin tab.
  4. Navigate to the account and property for which you want to enable GDN Impression Reporting.
  5. In the Property column, click AdWords Linking.
  6. In the table of link groups, click the name of the link group that contains the AdWords account for which you want to enable the feature.
  7. In the Link configuration section, click Edit.
  8. In the Additional data section, select the Enable Google Display Network Impression Reporting checkbox to turn on display impression data from the Google Display Network. Data is recorded from the time the switch is turned On.
  9. Click the Save button.

How to Use

Once you've enabled GDN Impression Reporting, you'll see the following in your Multi-Channel Funnels reports:

  • Impression Assisted Conversions and Rich Media Assisted Conversions in the Overview report.
  • An Interaction Type selector at the top of most reports. You can filter your Multi-Channel Funnels data by: Impression, Click, Direct, and Rich Media.
    Note: impressions for GDN text ads and video ads (including YouTube) are currently not reported.
    Multi-Channel Funnels Interaction Type Selector
  • Two new types of Display elements in the Top Conversion Paths report. Static image Display impressions are identified by an eye icon:

    display impression icon

    Rich Media Display impressions are identified by a video icon:

    display rich media icon
  • Additional AdWords dimension: Above the Fold.

    You can select this dimension as a primary or secondary dimension at the top of tables in the Multi-Channel Funnels reports. You can also use it when creating: (1) new Conversion Segments or (2) custom credit rules in the Model Comparison Tool's Custom Model builder.
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