Enable Demographics and Interests reports

You need to do three things to get demographics and interest data into your reports:

See the following sections for instructions.

Modify your tracking code

To make data available in your Demographic reports, you need to make a simple, one-line change to your tracking code. For complete information about making this code change and the additional actions you need to take, see Update Your Analytics Tracking Code to Support Display Advertising.

If you're using Google Tag Manager, then you need to select the Enable display advertiser features like remarketing option (below Web Property ID) when you're configuring your Google Analytics tag.

Enable Demographic reports in the Analytics interface

You have two methods by which you can enable the reports for a property in Analytics:

  • Open the Demographics Overview report, then click Enable above the introductory text.
  • Click Admin, select the property you want, click Property Settings, then under Display Advertiser Features, enable the option for Demographics and Interests Reports.

If you have not already made the change to your tracking code, then you are instructed to do so after you click Enable.

Regardless of whether you modified your code before or after enabling the reports, you need to return to the Overview report so you can have Analytics validate your change.

Click Validate tracking code. Analytics then checks to see whether you made the correct change to your code. If the validation fails, then you see this same page again.

Analytics may be unable to validate your code changes under the following circumstances:

  • You are using Google Tag Manager or a third-party tag manager to include the Analytics tracking code on your pages.
  • You have included comments in your tracking code.
  • You are hosting dc.js on your own servers, or including it from an external script.

If you are certain that you’ve made the correct change, you can click Skip validation.

With the reports enabled and the tracking-code modification in place, you should see data in your reports within 24 hours.