[GA4] About default conversion value

Learn about setting default values for conversion events

A conversion value is a monetary amount assigned to a conversion event. It is set using the 'currency' and 'value' parameters on the event. If the parameters are unset, you can either set a default value or leave the event without a value.

This article explains how to set a default conversion value. For more general information about conversions, see About Google Analytics conversions.

Default conversion value options

The following are the default value options you can select for a conversion event:

  • Don't set a default conversion value (Default)

    This setting uses an existing value when available. If one is unavailable, the conversion event does not have a value.

  • Set a default conversion value

    This setting uses your default conversion value for any event without an existing value. If the event already has a value, the default isn't applied.

Set a default conversion value

You need the Editor role on the property to set a default value for a conversion event.

  1. In Admin, under Data display, click Conversions.
  2. In the Conversion Events table, click More to the far right of a row.
  3. Click Set default conversion value.
  4. Select the currency and value as the conversion.
    Note: If you can't select an option, you don't have the necessary permissions.
  5. Click Save.

You can change this setting at any time for any of your conversion events.

Note: Any changes to the default conversion value will only apply to future conversions for a particular conversion, and won't apply to a conversion's past data.
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