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Learn about setting default values for conversion events
Conversions are now called key events. We've updated our terminology to simplify conversion measurement and reporting across Google platforms. The term 'conversion' now aligns with how conversions are defined in Google Ads, addressing previous discrepancies across platforms. Important events previously labeled as 'conversions' in Analytics will be reclassified as 'key events.' These key events, when shared with Google Ads, will be considered conversions, facilitating more accurate performance measurement of ad campaigns and enabling better-informed marketing decisions. Learn more about this change

You can assign a default monetary value to a key event using the 'currency' and 'value' parameters on the event. If the parameters are unset and you set a default value, the default value as the monetary value of the key event.

About the default key event value options

The following are the default value options you can select for a key event:

  • Don't set a default key value (Default)

    This setting uses an existing value when available. If one is unavailable, the key event does not have a value.

  • Set a default key event value

    This setting uses your default key event value for any event without an existing value. If the event already has a value, the default isn't applied.

Set a default key event value

You be an administrator or editor on the property to set a default value for a key event. You can change this setting at any time for any of your key events.

  1. In Admin, under Data display, click Key events.
  2. In the Key events table, click More to the far right of a row.
  3. Click Set default key event value.
  4. Select the currency and value of the key event. If you can't select an option, you don't have the necessary permissions.
  5. Click Save.
Note: Any changes to the default key event value will only apply to future key events, and won't apply to a past data.

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