[GA4] Games reporting collection

Measure customer behavior in your app-based games

The Games reporting collection helps game developers and marketers find relevant information for app-based games. When you have access to Games reporting:

  • The Reports snapshot report updates to include game-specific summary cards
  • The left navigation is updated to include game-specific reports

Access the collection

The Games reporting collection appears on the left when either:

  • The Industry category in your Property Settings is set to Games
  • You have at least one app data stream associated with a games app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

A screenshot showing the Games reporting collection on the left

Change your industry category

To update your industry category to Games:

  1. In Admin, under Property, click Property details.
  2. Under Industry category, make sure you've selected "Games".

To see the Life cycle collection instead, update your industry category or property settings.

Available reports

The default reports in the Games reporting collection are meant to mirror the player funnel and provide an industry-standard set of dimensions and metrics that let you understand how you acquire users, how you keep them coming back, and how well you generate revenue.

Use these reports to understand where in the user funnel you're succeeding and where you have opportunities to improve.

Topic Default reports
Acquisition Acquisition



Key events

Monetization Monetization
Retention Retention


Games reporting includes automatically calculated metrics, such as Buyer key events and Revenue Heartbeat, that are based on Google Play’s recommended key performance indicators. For more information on game-specific metrics, see the Games section of Reports, dimensions, and metrics.

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