[GA4] Business objectives collection

Get a tailored collection of reports in Google Analytics based on the information you provide about your business

The Business objectives collection provides a tailored set of reports based on information you provide about your business when you first set up Google Analytics. The collection replaces the Life cycle collection when you specify business information during setup.

For example, if you select "Optimize online sales" during setup, then the Life cycle collection would be replaced with the Business objectives collection, which would include the User acquisition, Traffic acquisition, and other reports.

The collection provides you with reports that will help you find information that's relevant to your business goals.

Access the collection

The collection replaces the Life cycle collection when you specify business information during setup. However, Analytics provides the Life cycle collection by default instead of the Business objectives collection if any of the following apply to you:

  • You created the property before March 27, 2023
  • You didn't specify business information during setup
  • You migrated from a Analytics property using Setup Assistant

Everyone with access to the property will see the same set of reports.

Default reports

The following table shows the default reports you will find when you first set up Analytics, based on the business objective you select during setup. You will see the topic and reports for each business objective you select.

The overview report in each topic provides a set of cards that summarize information for that business objective.

Objective Topic Default reports

Generate leads
Analyze visitor metrics and attract new customers

Generate leads


User acquisition

Traffic acquisition

Landing page

Drive online sales
Analyze purchase behavior and get more sales

Drive online sales


Ecommerce purchases


Purchase journey

Checkout journey

Raise brand awareness
Spread the word about your business

Raise brand awareness


Google Ads campaigns

Demographic details

Pages and screens

Examine user behavior
Learn how people use your site or app

Examine user behavior



Key events

Pages and screens

Baseline reports
Multiple types of reports
N/A All the reports in Life cycle

Add the Business objectives collection

Google Analytics doesn't currently tailor the Business objectives collection to you when you change your business information. However, you can find the Business objectives collection in the report library so you can add some or all of the reports in the collection to your property.

To add the Business objectives collection:

  1. On the left, click Reports.
  2. Click Library (at the bottom left).
    If you don't see Library, you don't have the Editor role to change the navigation.
  3. To change the reports in the Business objectives collection, click Edit collection.
  4. To add the Business objectives collection to your navigation, click Collection action menu > Publish.

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