[GA4] Data freshness

Data freshness is how long it takes Google Analytics to collect and process an event from your property. If that process takes 20 minutes, then data freshness is 20 minutes. Google Analytics allows for a data processing delay of 24-48 hours. During that time, data may change, so reports may not be consistent when viewing the last 24-48 hours in an account. Data uploaded via Data Import will be available within 24 hours.

Intervals of data freshness

Analytics has the following typical intervals of data freshness for Google Analytics 360 and/or standard properties:

Interval Typical processing time Properties Data limits per property Query coverage
Realtime Less than 1 minute 360, Standard None Limited to a few dimensions and metrics
360 intraday About 1 hour 360 Premium Normal and Premium Large as defined here All reports and API queries, except these
Standard intraday 4-8 hours Standard Standard Normal All reports and API queries, except these
Daily 12 hours 360, Standard Standard, Premium Normal All reports and API queries
Daily 18 hours 360, Standard Premium Large All reports and API queries
Daily 24+ hours 360, Standard Premium XLarge All reports and API queries

Property categories

On any given day, a property is categorized based on the number of events it has collected and processed. A property is categorized as:

  • "Normal" if the property has collected and processed fewer than 25 billion events
  • "Large" if the property has collected and processed 25 billion or more events
  • "XLarge" if the property has collected and processed 250 billion or more events

These measurements are taken from the previous 31-day period, excluding the current day in the property's timezone.

Note that a property that is typically categorized as "Normal" or "Large" can be considered categorized as "XLarge" for a day if it has been collecting and processing an average of 15 billion or more events per day over the previous seven days, excluding the current day in the property's timezone.


Data may not be in sync between explorations and reporting.

Offline events

When a user's device goes offline (for example, a user loses their internet connection while browsing your mobile app), Google Analytics stores event data on their device and then sends the data once their device is back online. Google Analytics ignores events that arrive more than 72 hours after the events are triggered.

For details on non-standard data processing, read [GA4] Data freshness and Service Level Agreement constraints.

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