Create an order and Ad Exchange line item for programmatic native

Once you have your native styles defined for a native ad format, you create an order and Ad Exchange line item as you normally would. The native line item trafficking workflow is completely sizeless. An Ad Exchange native line item will deliver to all sizes on your Ad Exchange-eligible native styles.

We recommend setting up one broadly targeted Ad Exchange native line item (possibly including banner sizes). A single Ad Exchange line item can deliver to many native styles. Running multiple competing Ad Exchange line items may reduce yield. You can set up granular targeting in the native styles to manage different native layouts on different site or app sections.

The differences for native ads are described below.

  1. Create an order.
    There are no special native settings at the order level.
  2. Create an Ad Exchange line item.
    1. Next to Inventory sizes, click in the box and select Native (Native) from the drop-down.
      To maximize performance, we recommend you also include some banner sizes to compete with native ads.
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