Understand deal offer states in Ad Exchange

Offers undergo various stages before they become deals. You can view the types of deal offers, the stage of the negotiations, and see active and archived deals in the navigation panel of the "Deals" tab.

If you're accessing this feature from DFP instead of Ad Exchange, click Sales and then Preferred Deals or Private Auctions.


Direct Offers made to a specific party, defined when the deal is created.
Open Offers open to any buyer willing to participate. If an open seller-initiated offer is finalized with a buyer, it remains open for other buyers.
Sent Deals you initiated.
Withdrawn All sent offers that you have retracted.
Archived Offers that you've explicitly archived to clean out the other views. Suited for deals that are no longer active or which never transacted.


Awaiting review Accepted by the other party; awaiting your review.
Waiting for response Accepted by you but not finalized; awaiting review and acceptance from the other party.
Archived Negotiations that you've explicitly archived to clean out the other views. Suited for stale negotiations that never finalized.

Each negotiation offer has a "Final" or "Pending" status. The deal offer has either been finalized by the seller and has become an active deal or needs to be finalized for the deal to become active. There's no limit to the number of ongoing active deals.


Active Once both parties agree to the offer, and all conditions of the deals have been met, you'll see the offer listed in the Active view.
Ended Deals that have expired or the publisher chose to end.
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