Add Ad Exchange network partners

To enable Network Partner Management, please contact your Account Manager.
When you add a network partner to your account, we create a unique invitation URL that directs the partner to apply to Ad Exchange as part of your account. The application must be completed by the network partner.

Add an Ad Exchange network partner to your account

Who is responsible? What is the action? What is the network partner approval status?
Publisher Click on the Admin tab. N/A
Publisher From the Account management section, select Network partners. N/A
Publisher Click Add network partner . N/A
Publisher Enter the actual name for the network partner and click Add & get invitation URL
We strongly recommend that you use the network partner company name rather than the domain/app.

The network partner name must be unique. If you encounter an error that a name is already in use, it may be because there is a deleted network partner with that name. Try again, using a different name.
Publisher Copy the unique invitation URL from the "Add network partner" window, and click Done. This URL allows the network partner to register with Ad Exchange as being represented by you.  N/A
Publisher Email the URL to your contact at the network partnership. Invited
Network partner The network partner applicant must then fill out a registration form, which includes details about its business and submit.
This form must be completed by your network partner. A publisher that fills this form in place of their network partner risks disapproval of that network partner, or even the publisher itself in certain cases.
Google The application is processed by Google, and the network partner is either approved or disapproved. Learn more about the states of network partner approval . The partner approval process can take up to 24-48 hours. Approved or Disapproved
Next step: Complete a network partner registration form
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