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Flash deprecation

Flash video ads can no longer run through DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, DoubleClick for Publishers, or AdWords. Additionally, our Active View and Verification tools for video no longer use Flash. Learn more

Playable Ads policy (coming in September)

In order to help you provide a quality user experience and deliver attractive, professional looking ads, we only allow promotions that comply with specific requirements for each ad. As such, we have updated our format-specific policy requirements for playable ads, a type of mobile rich media ad (MRAID) format. This updates brings Ad Exchange policies and enforcement in line with Google AdWords Advertising Policies, and we will start disapproving non-compliant ads in September.

Specifically, the requirements that may be applicable to your ads are:

  1. Unclear Content: The ad should prompt the user with the expected action where it could be confusing or ambiguous
  2. Unidentified Business: The ad should clearly show the app name throughout the mini-game.
  3. Destination Experience/Navigation:
    • The ad must allow the user to navigate to the Install page at anytime during the mini-game (e.g. skip, separate install/download button etc)
    • The ad must allow the user to close/exit the ad after a maximum of 5 seconds after the ad starts.



Real-time bidding updates

QPS limit has been removed for OpenRTB JSON customers. Anyone can use OpenRTB JSON without limiting their QPS. Learn more

Native Ads
Native spec updated to clarify "required_fields" and "recommended_fields". Bidders may see different combinations of required vs recommended in the request. Learn more


Training updates

Recording: Learn about the latest Ad Exchange features and policy updates.
In case you missed the Live event, watch the recorded session to learn about the latest Ad Exchange features for mobile, video, RTB and policy, including multi-bid requirement for Programmatic Guaranteed deals, mobile app impression tracking changes, an accelerated mobile pages beta and new launches and extensions to OpenRTB. Learn more

Choose the right supply side platform
The course takes the format of a guided checklist (right), including a video introduction, highlighting the importance of being knowledgeable when evaluating an SSP, and to ask questions about the SSP's relationship with the publishers within their exchange and what this means for the type of inventory your buyer will be able to access. Learn more


Additional updates

Launch of muted video interstitials
AdX Video has made a new segment of mobile video interstitial inventory available to buyers. Instead of only allowing video interstitials into AdX when the sound is on, we now allow inventory when the sound is off as well. Key signal to read is playback_method

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