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Account user management

If you have administrator access to your Ad Exchange account, you now have the ability to add and manage account users and configure access permissions. Permissions are determined by assigned user roles and range from full administrator access, view and negotiate access, and view only access for reporting and troubleshooting. Learn more

Account user roles (4:39)

UI updates

Bidder debugging for RTB Breakout

You can debug implementation issues with your bidder using RTB Breakout by viewing actual bid requests and corresponding filtered responses. This feature is available in the filtered bids section of RTB Breakout, which allows you to view data for any combination of creative ID, publisher, buyer account and/or deal ID. Learn more

Custom date ranges for RTB Breakout

Bidding activity data in RTB Breakout can now be displayed based on a custom date range, in addition to data from today, yesterday, the last 7 days, or the last 30 days. Learn more

Real-time bidding updates

Recommended interstitial ad sizes in bid requests

Bid requests for mobile interstitial ad inventory now pass a list of recommended standard ad sizes based on the width and height of the ad slot. Creatives are not restricted to the recommended sizes in the ad slot. However, all recommended sizes are guaranteed to be within the acceptable size range. Learn more

New bidder URL macro: HOSTED_MATCH_DATA

A new macro is available to use in the URL of your HTTP POST requests. Insert the %%HOSTED_MATCH_DATA%% macro into your bidder URL and it will be replaced by the value of the hosted_match_data field from the bid request.
Learn more

New RTB callout field: publisher_blocks_overridden

The publisher_blocks_overridden field is now included in the RTB callout. Bidders must read the status in the callout to determine which deals have enabled block override, to determine if blocks can be ignored for certain deals. Learn more

Required deal ID

Beginning September 2015, all bid responses for Preferred Deals or Private Auctions must include a deal ID. Bid responses without a declared deal ID will only be considered for the Open Auction. Learn more

Additional announcements

Upcoming change to autoplay Flash creatives in Chrome

Beginning September 2015, Chrome will roll out a new feature that pauses any peripheral plugin content that is not part of the main webpage. After this change, auto-play Flash creatives will appear in a paused state and will not animate until a user clicks on the player. Users will need to click Flash creatives a second time before they are redirected to the advertiser’s landing page. This will affect most standard-sized Flash creatives within the Chrome browser. Learn more

To optimize the auction for the purpose of maximizing publisher revenue and buyer return on investment, we are continually exploring changes in DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

As we develop new ways to improve the exchange for buyers and sellers, we want to make sure our help center documentation remains accurate and accounts for behavior you might see due to optimization. We recently launched a small update to the main auction dynamics article and encourage you to review the changes.


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