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Ad Exchange features that you used to access from the "Deals" tab, including deal negotiation, are now found in the marketplace, allowing you to quickly and easily discover publishers and publisher inventory.

You can search, sort, and filter to find products directly matching your campaign goals. In addition, if you have access to negotiate, approve, or manage deals, you can do so from this interface. Learn more

Query Tool

Query Tool is a reporting tool that enables you to create robust, customized reports that display information based on filtered dimension data and parameters, such as a date range. All reporting data is generated daily so you can run reports for today, yesterday, or up to two years back. Learn more

Real-time bidding updates

New bid request signals

The following signals have been added to the bid request:

PublisherType: tells you know if the inventory is owned by the Ad Exchange publisher, represented by a network (NPM), or represented by Google (AdSense or AdMob).

DealType: tells you if an impression is associated with a preferred deal or private auction. The DealType field is included in the direct_deals message in the bid request, so it will not appear if the impression is for open auction inventory.

Learn more

Flash-less backup creatives

If you respond to a bid request for Flash-less inventory with a Flash creative that includes a Flash-less backup creative, Ad Exchange now detects the presence of the Flash-less backup and does not filter the bid response out from the auction.

Upper limit on bids

As an added layer of protection against bugs and misconfigurations, Ad Exchange now enforces an upper sanity limit of $5000 CPM on bids. Learn more

App deep-linking

Ad Exchange now allows advertisers to direct users to an application (app), from their mobile ad, rather than a mobile web page. Learn more

UI updates

View creative compliance status using the Creative Validator

You can view the SSL status of individual creatives, using the Creative Validator. This tool identifies non-compliant calls that could lead the creative being filtered from auctions for SSL inventory. Learn more

View creative approval status using the Creative Explorer

You can view the approval status of your creatives, using the Creative Explorer. This tool provides detailed information about individual creatives, including disapproval reasons. Learn more

Help center updates

Troubleshooting resources

The following troubleshooting resources have been added to the help center:

Active deals: RTB Breakout provides data to determine issues that prevent your deals from transacting. Once you view the data and determine the issue, use this guide to determine next steps. Learn more

Bid response filtering: All bid responses on Ad Exchange are screened before they enter the auction. During the screening process, some bids are rejected from entering the auction through bid response filtering. Use this guide to troubleshoot bid response filtering. Learn more

Disapproved ads: All ads on Ad Exchange must be reviewed by Google. Some creatives are disapproved for various reasons, such as failing to comply with Ad Exchange policies for content and creative, or data and third-party ad serving. Use this guide to troubleshoot disapproved ads. Learn more

Additional resources

A carousel of additional resources has been added to the bottom of the help center homepage, allowing you to quickly find important and frequently used information. This includes the Ad Buyer Buyer Academy, Ad Exchange Developer Center, Ad Exchange announcements, and Solutions to common problems.


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