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Updates and announcements for August/ September, 2016


Interface updates

Real-time bidding updates

Additional updates

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Flash creatives

Ad Exchange no longer serves Flash creatives to Internet Explorer on Windows 7 and below. We’re making this update for security reasons, as Flash is a common exploit method into machines on older versions of Windows.

Interface updates

Query Tool

Metrics for inventory matches, bid requests, successful responses, bids, bids in auction, and impressions won have been added to the Query Tool.

Also, bidders can now view account data for child seats via Query Tool.

Lastly, deals reporting has moved to the Query Tool. The old deals reporting interface will be deprecated in October.

Hosted bidding deprecation

Hosted bidding will be removed from the interface in early October.

Real-time bidding updates

Open RTB

There is a new release that updates the protocol schema for the latest specification versions: OpenRTB 2.4 and OpenRTB Native 1.1. The change is backward-compatible at the wire level, but incorporating the new schema into the bidder may require trivial code changes. Learn more

Mobile support for predicted viewability

Predicted viewability in the RTB callout is now supported across both web and app.

Sizeless (fluid) interstitial support

There is a new creative attribute that buyers can declare in their bid response when running interstitial ads that dynamically resize . When a bid response includes this new “sizeless” creative attribute, AdX will not re-review the creative for each individual screen size, meaning reduced bid filtering rates and faster creative review. Learn more

Accelerated Mobile Page

A field was added to indicate whether the page is an Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP).  Learn more

Opt in to change auction behavior for multiple bids

Auctions can now discard all but the top bid per seat, so buyers no longer need to worry about multiple bids.  To opt in, contact your account team.

Microsoft advertising ID

There is now support for the Microsoft advertising ID for Xbox and Windows 10.  This allow for frequency caps, audience targeting, conversion tracking and more on these Microsoft platforms.

Two VAST wrappers

Video creatives are now allowed two VAST wrappers instead of one.

Portrait creatives

Use screen_orientation to bid on portrait or landscape for your video creatives.

Mobile app banner impression counting

A mobile app banner impression is now only counted when one pixel of the creative is displayed. In order to accurately report on app impressions, include an impression tracking URL in the impression_tracking_url field (field 19) in your bid response.  Use this impression tracking URL field instead of embedding the impression tracker into the creative itself. AdX will fire the impression tracking URL provided in the bid response only when the banner is one pixel displayed, not when the banner is served but not displayed.

Additional updates

Automatic Detection Of Incorrect Pretargeting Configurations

We sometimes find that bidders have accidentally configured their pretargeting to exclude segments of inventory they want to receive. To automatically detect these misconfigurations we may send your bidder a small number of queries that ignore your pretargeting settings. You won't be able to win these queries (so your creative will never serve against them and you won't be charged), and they will never exceed 1% of your configured QPS. Your account team may use data from these queries to advise you on pretargeting settings. This change is planned to launch on or after Oct 1st.

You may opt out of this change by contacting your account team.

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