Updates and announcements for January 29, 2016


Interface updates

Real-time bidding updates

Help center updates

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What's new with Ad Exchange?

On February 16th, join our product specialists on a live hangout to learn about the new features available for mobile, video, RTB and Marketplace, as well as a new deal type -- Programmatic Guaranteed.

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What's new with Ad Exchange policy?

On March 8, join our policy specialists to learn about the new policies on Ad Exchange. This hangout also offers a quick policy refresher and handy tips to troubleshoot ad disapprovals.

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Interface updates

Use hosted bidding for all non-RTB campaigns

The old Ad Exchange interface has now been deprecated. All non-RTB campaigns created using the deprecated platform are no longer accessible. Hosted bidding should now be used for all non-RTB campaign needs. Learn more

Real-time bidding updates

WebM asset no longer required for in-stream (VAST)

The WebM video asset is no longer required for in-stream video ad units (VAST). The updated specification requires just MP4 video formats. Other formats, including FLV and WebM, may be included but might not be used. Learn more

Changes to RTB callout fields

New field: hardware_version

The hardware_version field is now included in the RTB callout. Bidders can use this field to determine the Apple iOS device model (for example, "iphone 5s", "iphone 6+", etc.).

Updated fields: adgroup_id  renamed  billing_id

The adgroup_id field has been renamed to billing_id to provide parity with the buyer REST API. In addition, this field has changed from optional to repeated to allow all matching instances to be sent in a single MatchingAdData field, per buyer, per bid request.

Deprecated fields: seller_name  and  targetable_channels

The  seller_name  and  targetable_channels  fields are now deprecated. These fields were used by publishers to designate a name when selling anonymous, semi-transparent, and branded inventory, associated with segments of inventory. To detect the seller, you can instead use seller_network_id.

See these fields in the updated Real-Time Bidding Protocol.

Help center updates

Native ads for apps

Native ads are online ads that match the look and feel of publisher content. Ad Exchange currently supports native ads on mobile inventory. Content has been added explaining how native ads work, the different formats available, and the creative specifications and requirements for publishers. Learn more

New account form

New buyers looking to obtain a seat on Ad Exchange can complete the new buyer account form, now available from the Contact Us button.

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