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Interface updates

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Ads.txt enforcement
AdX no longer monetize unauthorized traffic, which means that AdX buyers shouldn't see any bid requests for impressions where the seller's account ID is not included in the domain's ads.txt file. If the domain does not have an ads.txt file, there is no change and we will still send callouts as normal. Learn more about Ads.txt - Authorized Digital Sellers

AMPHTML ads are a new, better way of building, delivering and measuring ads that are faster, lighter and more secure. AMPHTML ads are ads built using AMP-HTML and use many of the smart components that make AMP pages fast. Learn more about AMPHTML ads

MRAID3 is now available in beta to publishers using the latest versions of the Google Mobile Ads SDK. Authorized Buyers can now run creatives that use MRAID3 methods, and have the creative check at render time if MRAID3 is supported. RTB Signals indicating MRAID version support will be supported at a later date. MRAID3 provides new capabilities for viewability and audibility measurement, as well as improvements to pre-loading, ad readiness, unloading, and more. Learn more (iOS), Learn more (Android)

In August, we will start our migration to sizeless verification. With this change, a creative approval status will no longer be different for each of the ad sizes used for that given creative. All new creatives will obtain one unique approval status for all ad sizes. To help bidders recognize sizeless creatives from sizeful creatives, we are adding a new field called CreativeStatusIdentityType to our SSR and API. Learn more (API), Learn more (SSR)

Interface updates

Auction Packages now available
Auction Packages allow buyers to curate and package AdX inventory across publishers on AdX, using a rich set of targeting options. Packages simplifies buying brand suitable inventory at scale, curating inventory in a centralized manner across seats, and consuming rich targeting signals on AdX. Learn more

Open Auction Inventory Discovery now available
Open Auction inventory can be found in the Marketplace, complete with AdMob and AdSense inventory and forecasting. You can find it under ‘Sites & Apps’. Learn more

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