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Ads.txt enforcement
AdX no longer monetize unauthorized traffic, which means that AdX buyers shouldn't see any bid requests for impressions where the seller's account ID is not included in the domain's ads.txt file. If the domain does not have an ads.txt file, there is no change and we will still send callouts as normal. Learn more about Ads.txt - Authorized Digital Sellers

AMPHTML ads are a new, better way of building, delivering and measuring ads that are faster, lighter and more secure. AMPHTML ads are ads built using AMP-HTML and use many of the smart components that make AMP pages fast. Learn more about AMPHTML ads

Interface updates

Multi Tier Quota Enforcement (MTQE) deprecated
Multi Tier Quota Enforcement (MTQE) has been deprecated for new accounts, and only used by accounts that have not migrated away. It will be replaced with a more intuitive way to prioritize QPS across ad groups (QPS Threshold).

Upcoming changes to pretargeting for deals
There are a few upcoming changes to how pretargeting settings apply to deals so that bidders can easily receive all of the eligible traffic associated for their deals without their pretargeting settings inadvertently causing them to not receive callouts.

  • By default, callouts will be sent regardless of pretargeting settings for inventory associated with PG deals (buyers will not be able to modify this setting)
  • Buyers will get an account-level setting to control whether they want their pretargeting settings ignored or overwritten for PD/PA deals
  • The deals section will be removed from the pretargeting interface
  • Bidders will receive an increase in the number of callouts associated with their deals.

New Filter and report dimension: Ad Format
The "Ad Format" filter and report dimension has been added to the Query Tool, which enables buyers to pull reports just for their video buys. Learn more

Real-time bidding updates

Ad Exchange Buyer pricing rules will be removed from RTB Proto
In an effort to simplify the AdX proto, we will be removing AdX Buyer Pricing Rules from RTB Request from the bid request in the coming weeks. This should have minimal impact on most buyers, but we want to make sure that teams are aware of these changes. Buyers should review their integration with AdX to ensure that removing these pricing rules does not cause complications. Learn more

Additional updates

Removing restrictions on content from sensitive categories (previously not available through Real-time bidding)
Restrictions on non-adult category sites will be removed soon to allow Ad Exchange buyers access to additional publisher demand that had previously been block due to content categorization policies.

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