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About event ticket reseller certification

Businesses that resell event tickets are allowed to advertise through AdWords, but they must first be certified by Google. This certification is required for all ad formats and extensions. If you meet the requirements below, you can apply for certification.

Requirements for certification

To be certified, businesses must meet the following requirements:

Be honest about your business

To protect customers from scams and prevent potential confusion, resellers must clearly disclose on their website or app that they are a secondary market and aren’t the primary provider of the tickets. This disclosure should be easily visible and clearly explained in the top 20% (above the fold) of the reseller’s website, including the home page and any landing pages. This disclosure must not be provided in a closable notification format and the font must be equal to or bigger than the majority of the text on the page.

This also means you can’t imply in your ads that you’re the primary provider of the tickets, with words like "Official," or by including the artist, league, team, show, or venue name (and similar examples) in the the website’s URL (this includes the sub-domain or domain path). For example, you can’t use "," or "," or "” as your display URL.

Provide accurate price information

It’s common practice for resellers to mark up the price of tickets, and customers must be aware of it. Resellers must prominently disclose that ticket prices are higher than face value (meaning the price offered by the primary provider). This disclosure should be clearly explained in the top 20% (above the fold) of the homepage and any landing pages on the reseller's website. This disclosure must not be provided as a closable or hideable notification, and the font size must be equal to or bigger than the majority of the text on the page. 

Resellers must also provide a price breakdown during the checkout process and before the customer provides payment information. The breakdown should show the specific costs added, such as taxes, and any fees that have been added.

Starting in March 2018, resellers will also need to provide the face value of a ticket along with the reseller’s price in the same currency. This face value can be the face value provided by the seller.

Who needs to certify

  • If you are the primary provider of the tickets, then you don’t need to certify to advertise through AdWords.
  • If you are a reseller or secondary market for event tickets, you need to cerify. This includes businesses that sell tickets both as a primary provider and a reseller.
  • Aggregators of event tickets, auction sites, and marketplaces that allow ticket resale are also required to certify.

How to certify

If you meet the requirements above, apply for certification. The application form will ask for information about your business and the URLs that you plan to advertise.

Google will review your application and notify you of your certification status. Once you’re certified, you can start advertising immediately.

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