Event Ticket Reseller Certification Application

If different from above
ex. 123-456-1890. This must be the number of the account that you wish to use to promote event ticket resale. My Client Center accounts may not be used for applications.

Include at least 1 link for each domain / app that promotes event ticket resale, including any app URLs.

Definition of terms for event ticket reseller policy

Primary Provider: The event owner/organizer/venue that is initially selling the ticket, or a ticket seller that has been authorized to do so on their behalf, via a contractual agreement. The tickets, in either case, may not have been sold or allocated previously. If you’re a primary provider, you do not need to apply for event ticket reseller certification. But if you advertise or link to a site that would at any time be considered a hybrid (see definition below), then you must apply for certification.

Reseller: Business which resells tickets that have already been allocated or sold in the primary marketplace. A reseller or resale marketplace determines the price of the the tickets (which may be above or below the face value) and any additional applicable taxes, or service charges, or fees. You will be considered a reseller, as opposed to a hybrid, unless you have had primary ticket inventory available for all events on your site, at one point in time. 

Hybrid: Businesses that sell tickets both as a primary provider and a reseller. To be considered a hybrid, you must have had primary ticket inventory available for all events on your site at one point in time. If your business can be considered a hybrid, you must apply for certification.

Event-associated group: Any artist, tour, team, league, venue, and similar event or group on behalf of whom tickets are sold. If you’re an event-associated group, you must apply for certification in certain scenarios. See requirements under Event-associated group in the About event ticket reseller certification article.

You may either provide: (a) a contract or legal documentation indicating affiliation or partnership between the advertiser’s company and the event-associated group
(b) letter on letterhead signed by an attorney or an executive at the advertiser’s company, attesting to having affiliation of partnership with the event-associated group.

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