How Google uses conversion data

At Google, we are aware of the importance and sensitivity of conversion data to our advertisers. As such, we take care to preserve the confidentiality and security of AdWords conversion data, and provide clear information about the limited ways conversion data is used.

What Google does with conversion data

Google uses conversion data for campaign performance reporting in your account, as an input for features such as Conversion Optimiser, and in aggregate for the benefit of advertisers. It is Google's policy to restrict access to conversion data, both inside and outside Google. Unless we have an advertiser's permission, we do not share that advertiser's conversion data with other advertisers.

When you track conversions, this conversion data will appear in your reports to help you make informed campaign management decisions. Reports containing your conversion data are available through your AdWords account and any linked My Client Centre accounts.

Google may also use conversion data to improve your campaign performance. For example, Google provides Conversion Optimiser, an optional feature that automatically optimises your bids based on past conversion data, with the goal of improving your overall ROI. Google may use conversion data to improve the performance of certain types of campaigns without requiring you to opt in. For example, Google may use app download conversion data to stop promoting your app to a user who has already installed it.

Finally, Google uses aggregated conversion data for the overall benefit of advertisers. For example, features such as Conversion Optimiser and smart pricing rely on aggregate advertiser conversion data to improve their overall quality and accuracy. As such, if you are tracking conversions and your competitors are benefiting from some of these features, it is possible that your use of conversion tracking is indirectly affecting the cost of your clicks. Google may also publish conversion statistics aggregated across many advertisers as a resource for the overall benefit of advertisers.

About revenue information

Sharing revenue information isn't required to use AdWords conversion tracking. Conversion tags can be placed on any page on your site and by default they measure distinct conversion events rather than monetary values.

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