Overdelivery credit

A credit we apply to your account if we've shown your ad so much that you exceed your monthly charging limit. Google doesn't charge you for these clicks and can automatically issue a credit on your invoice.

  • Overdelivery can help make up for days when traffic is slow and your ads don't get as much exposure. To help make sure that you don't miss showing your ads on a popular day, Google might use more of your budget on some days and less on other days. When this happens, your total daily cost could be up to 20% more than your average daily budget.
  • However, our system makes sure that in a complete monthly billing period, you're never charged more than your monthly charging limit -- the average number of days in a month (30.4) multiplied by your average daily budget. This system allows for some flexibility to show your ads more often on days when demand is highest.
  • If Google overdelivers your ads too much, and you accrue more costs in a complete monthly billing period than your budget allows, a credit will automatically be applied to your account.

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