All conversions: Definition

A calculation of all the conversions that AdWords drives for your business.

  • "All conversions" includes the data in your "Conversions" column plus conversion actions you’ve chosen not to include in your “Conversions” column. It also includes cross-device conversions, store visits, certain phone calls, and more.
  • Once you’ve set up conversion tracking, you’ll see the "All conversions" column in your reports.
  • Compare “All conversions” to your regular "Conversions" column to see the full range of conversions driven by your ads, including cross-device conversions and those that you chose not to include in "Conversions." This can give you a more accurate understanding of how users interact with your business and help you better calculate the effectiveness of your advertising. For example, if you see that your "All conversions" column has 20% more conversions due to cross-device, you can choose to include cross-device conversions in your main "Conversions" column to use them for your manual and automated bidding.

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