About mobile app conversion tracking

If you use AdWords to promote Android or iOS mobile apps, then you can use conversion tracking to help you see how effectively your ad clicks lead to app installs and in-app activity. This article explains the different types of mobile conversions and how to track them.

Types of mobile app conversions that you can track

You can track a variety of conversions for both Android and iOS apps:

  • App installs: Conversion tracking can measure how effectively your ads are leading people to install your mobile apps. There are a couple of different ways in which to track this:
    • Downloads from Google Play: For Android apps, you can track when someone who clicked your ad downloads your app from the Google Play store. Conversions are tracked automatically from Google Play, and you don't need to add tracking code to your app.

    • First opens: For both Android and iOS apps, you can track the first time someone who clicked your ad opens your app after installing it. You can use this option if you use Firebase, or if you use a third-party app analytics provider.

  • In-app actions, such as purchases: If you're using AdWords to drive purchases or other actions within your app, then use conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can automatically track in-app purchases for Android apps that use in-app billing, or you can track custom in-app actions through Firebase, by adding code to your app, or by using a third-party app analytics.


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How to set up mobile app conversion tracking

There are a few different ways in which to track mobile app conversions, depending on your app’s platform and how you want to set up tracking. Click the links below for instructions:

Note: You can track mobile app conversions with a third-party app analytics provider, but this can only be set up in the new AdWords experience.

Where to see reports

You can see the results of your app ads on the Campaigns tab. If you’re using conversion tracking to count app installs and in-app actions, you can customise the columns that you see to display the number of downloads and in-app conversions from your ads.

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