Transferring ownership of an AdWords or Analytics account

Accounts for several Google products can be moved from one Google Account to another. This functionality is only available for the products listed below.

  • To transfer access to your AdWords account to a different user
    1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
    2. Click the tool icon iand select Account settings .
    3. Select Account access from the navigation bar.
    4. Click Invite other users.
    5. From the Choose an access level drop-down menu, select the access level you want this person to have.
    6. Click Send invitation.
    7. The Google Account that you want to transfer ownership to will receive an email with instructions for completing the transfer process.
    8. To remove your previous Google Account email, return to the Account access page, then click Terminate access for the old email address.

  • To transfer access to your Analytics account to a different user:
    1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
    2. Click Access Manager.
    3. From the 'Existing Access' table, click Add User.
    4. Enter your alternate Google Account's email address, last name, and first name.
    5. Select Account Admin as the Access type.
    6. Click Finish.
    7. Now you can sign in to your Analytics account as the new administrator, and you can remove the original account administrator, if you choose to.

  • To move your Google Merchant Center account to another Google Account, please contact the Google Merchant Center User Support team for assistance.


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