Approved (limited)

A status given to ads that comply with our policies but that are limited in where and when they can show.

  • An ad can be marked "Approved (limited)" based on the specifications of our advertising policies, such as allowing certain types of ad to show only in certain countries or only on certain devices.


    To find out why your ad is marked "Approved (limited)," enable the Policy details column on your Campaigns tab. You'll see which policy is causing your "Approved (limited)" status.
  • Mobile rendering issues
    If your site doesn't display properly on mobile web browsers (for example, because it uses excessive amounts of Flash), your ad will be marked "Approved (limited)" and won't show your ad to users on a mobile device. However, your ad can still appear as usual to non-mobile users. To fix these issues, remove any Flash, large images, or other rendering issues from your website or create a mobile-specific website. Make sure to configure your website correctly so that it's visible when AdWords attempts to visit the mobile version of your site.

  • Trademarks
    Your ad and its landing page comply with our policy on resellers and informational sites. Therefore, your ad is eligible to use the trademark for which we have a complaint on file, and your ad can appear within the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and/or Ireland. However, in all other regions where the trademark complaint applies, your ad will not run. If you want your ad to appear in other regions, you can remove the trademark term from your ad text, or contact the trademark owner to request authorization.

  • Alcohol
    Prescription drugs and related content

    When these types of ads meet our policy requirements, they can be shown only in countries that allow ads for that specific product or service. For example, a certain alcohol-related ad might be able to appear to people in the U.S. but not to people in China. Where your ad can appear will vary, so read the policy to see what restrictions there are for the countries that your ad campaign targets.

  • Consumer advisories
    If a consumer advisory is issued about a certain product in one country, Google may change how ads about that product are shown. For example, a consumer advisory has been issued about payday loans, so AdWords will only show payday loan ads if the phrase "payday loan" (or similar terms) are included in the user's search query. On the Google Display Network, these ads will be shown only on sites related to payday loans.

  • Human form and contact
    Image ads showing tight clothing or exposed skin in areas including, but not limited to, midriff, thighs, and shoulders will be marked "Approved (limited)." Affected ads include ones that show real people or cartoons/animations with exposed skin or tight clothing that give an indication of breasts, buttocks, or genitalia, and ads in which adult human forms are in bodily contact. These ads won't show on certain Display Network sites if publishers opt out of showing such ads.