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What makes up a text ad

Text ads, the simplest version of the online ads AdWords offers, have three parts: a headline, a display URL, and two description lines.

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Display URL


People are most likely to notice your headline text. Consider including keywords, which help determine when and where your ad can appear. In the example ad above, the keyword "advertise" should get the attention of people who are looking for ways to advertise online. 

Display URL

The display URL , usually in green, shows your website address. It gives people an idea of where they'll go when they click your ad. You can send people to a more specific part of your website using a longer landing page URL, which AdWords doesn't display.


Use the description to highlight details about your product or service. On mobile, where space is tight, AdWords sometimes shortens or removes description line 2. Learn more about how text ads appear on mobile devices.

Keep in mind that text ads on the Google Display Network might look different.

Length limits

  Max length
(most languages)
Max length
(double-width* languages)
Headline: 25 characters 12 characters
Display URL: 35 characters 17 characters
Description line 1: 35 characters 17 characters
Description line 2**: 35 characters 17 characters

*Double-width languages include languages (like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) with double-width characters.

**The text in description line 2 may appear differently on mobile. Learn more.

Longer text ads

You can make longer text ads if you're targeting people in Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation, South Korea, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, or Uzbekistan. Learn more about longer text ads.


Create a new text ad

Click Guide me to create a new text ad.

Guide me



Using special characters with your ads

Most non-English characters, including tildes, umlauts, and cedillas, will appear correctly in your ads, including within the display URL.

For languages that use double-width characters (like Chinese, Japanese, or Korean), your text ads appear on Google search results the same way that they appear in your account. It's a good idea to preview your ads with the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool rather than searching on Google.

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