What makes up a text ad

All online ads are essentially clickable messages that connect customers with a website.

Text ads, the simplest version of a clickable message, contain three components: a headline, display URL, and a description. Let's look at the components of the sample ad below:

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Display URL

Text ads in Google AdWords must meet the following length requirements:

Example ad Max Length
(most languages)
Max Length
(double-width* languages)
Headline: Example Website 25 characters 12 characters
Description line 1: Summer sale 35 characters 17 characters
Description line 2: Save 15% 35 characters 17 characters
Display URL:
35 characters 17 characters


You can make longer text ads if you're targeting certain countries or regions: Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation, South Korea, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Learn how to create longer text ads.


The first line of your ad is the one that customers are most likely to notice. If you really want your headline to stand out, consider including keywords. People are more likely to notice headlines that match what they're searching for. In our sample ad, the keyword "advertise" should get the attention of people who are searching for ways to advertise online. We can show up to 25 characters in your headline.

Display URL

Appearing in green, this line of your ad shows the address of the website that you're promoting. AdWords lets you choose a brief but meaningful display URL to give people who see your ad a clear idea of where it'll take them when they click on the link. Behind the scenes, you can also assign your text ads a longer destination URL, which takes the person who clicks your ad to a precise location on the same website that's relevant to the ad itself. People can only see the display URL in your ad and not the destination URL.

Long display URLs

We can show up to 35 characters of your display URL due to limited space. For languages that use double-width characters, like Chinese (simplified or traditional), Japanese, or Korean, we can show up to 17 characters of your display URL. If your display URL is longer than the maximum character length, we'll shorten your display URL when we show your ad.

Display URLs enhanced with website links

You might see that the Display URL of your text ad includes a set of links that show the locations of pages on your website. We call these links breadcrumbs - inspired by the trail of breadcrumbs Hansel left through the woods to find his way back home in the Grimm's fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel." These breadcrumb links help customers easily navigate to relevant sections of your website.

For some advertisers, we'll automatically add breadcrumbs to ads that appear at the top or bottom of Google search results, helping to make your ads more relevant to customers. Customers can click an individual breadcrumb link to quickly navigate to the page or section of your website that they find relevant.


Let's say a customer wants to buy a pair of sandals and she searches for "womens sandals". We might show her the following ad enhanced with breadcrumbs:

Bread crumbs Example

Deciding that she might want to see more than just sandals, she clicks the "Womens Shoes" breadcrumb link. She looks at the boots and sandals that you sell -- and finds shoes that she loves! -- so she decides to buy a pair of brown leather boots and hot pink sandals from your website.

How to show breadcrumbs with your ads

You can edit your website's code and add breadcrumb annotations to show your ad with breadcrumbs. Remember, you're in control of the code that's used on your website to create breadcrumbs. Since we use the breadcrumb annotations from the landing page of your ad to create the breadcrumb links, you're also in control of which breadcrumbs are shown with your ad or whether breadcrumbs are shown at all. Learn more about how you can modify your website code to show breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs and costs

We'll charge you each time a customer clicks any link on your ad, regardless of whether the link clicked is the headline of your ad or a breadcrumb link. You can decide the maximum amount you'd like to pay for a click by setting a cost-per-click (CPC) bid.

View your breadcrumb performance data

You can use segments to see how your breadcrumbs are performing. To see the number of times someone clicked your breadcrumb links to visit your website, select the Ads tab and segment your data by "Click type". Your performance data will be included in the "Breadcrumb" click type.


The final lines of your text ad are where you describe the product or service you're advertising. Space is limited, so choose your words carefully to highlight the most important details and benefits. We can show up to 35 characters for each description line.

Keep in mind that text ads on the Google Display Network might look different.

Using special characters with your ads

You can write your ads in a number of supported languages. Most non-English characters, including tildes, umlauts, and cedillas, will appear correctly in your ads, including the display URL.

For languages that use double-width characters, like Chinese (simplified or traditional), Japanese, or Korean, your text ads will appear on Google search results the same way that they appear in your account. Keep in mind that your headline, description lines, and display URL should meet our character limits. We recommend you preview your ads to make sure you're satisfied with how they appear. And remember to check your ads using the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool rather than searching on Google.