Understanding alerts and notifications

Sometimes AdWords has information that we want you to see right away. These notifications generally serve one of three purposes:

  • alert you to a potential problem with your ad delivery or campaign set up
  • announce a new AdWords feature or update
  • suggest an opportunity to help improve your campaigns’ performance
We’ll show you these notifications right inside your AdWords account, all in one place. You can also set your preferences to receive them via email.


Examples of notifications

Important alerts about your account are designated with a red triangle. These messages aim to help keep your account active by alerting you to critical things like if your ads aren’t running for some reason, or if your billing information needs to be updated.

Notifications about new AdWords features or system updates are indicated with a blue “info” icon. These notifications could tell you about new reports available to help you track your performance in a different way, for example, or a new tool that can help you choose better keywords.

Opportunities for improving your account performance are indicated with a yellow light bulb. These suggestions are tailored specifically to your account and generally advise an action you can take such as adding keywords or targeting options that could help you reach more customers.

Viewing your notifications in your AdWords account

The most critical alerts, such as those informing you that none of your ads are running, show in a red bar at the top of your account screen.

Important but non-critical notifications are displayed in a preview bar near the top of your screen. To view all of your notifications, click “View all” in this preview bar to produce a drop-down menu listing all of your messages. You can click options like “View” and “Fix it” to be taken to pages to address the problem, or click “Learn more” to read about the issue in the AdWords Help Center.

If you have only lower-priority notifications waiting for your attention, there won’t be a preview bar, but you will see an exclamation point next to the bell icon near the top of your screen. Click the exclamation point to see your messages.

Receiving notifications via email

You can adjust your account preferences to receive some notifications by email. You’ll always receive critical alert notifications, such as billing issues and disapproved ads, by email, but you can set your email preferences to also receive other types of notifications via email as well.

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at https://adwords.google.com.
  2. Select Account settings from the gear menu.
  3. Select Notification settings. Account access
  4. In the "Email" column, click on a row to produce a drop-down menu that lets you select types of notifications you want to receive via email. (Email notifications are sent to the email address on the AdWords account.) Notification settings